Red Sox Yankee Rivalry Heads to New York

Via FOX 61

The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees begin another three-game series today. The New York Yankees are 18-4 since the bench-clearing brawl that transpired the last time these two teams faced each other. The Yankees are a game behind in the AL East, which means that series in April is why the Red Sox are currently in first place in the division. The Yankees are 14-5 at home and with the weather a lot warmer the Yankee bats might be waking up. The Red Sox are 16- 8 since the bench-clearing brawl.

The Red Sox and Yankees Head to Head

According to Boston Sports Info on Twitter, the Red Sox have 46 home runs and the Yankees have 48. In 2017, the Red Sox had 30 and the Yankees had 55 homers in the first 34 games. A big difference from last season. Mookie Betts has really been hitting the ball a lot better. It is not certain if he’ll be playing in this game because he’s dealing with a right shoulder bruise. He probably will be fine and play because this is a big series.

Mookie Betts is on Fire

Mookie Betts has 13 home runs and a batting average of .355. According to Boston Sports Info, J.D. Martinez at Yankee Stadium Martinez has 39 at-bats, three home runs, nine RBI’s, and 11 strikeouts. Stanton has had 82 at-bats, four home runs, nine RBI’s, and 11 strikeouts. For the rivalry between these two teams, it’s safe to say it’s back on.

There shouldn’t be any sleeping at these Yankee Red Sox games. The question remains: will the Red Sox and Yankee brawl continue at Yankee Stadium this week? Not according to Tyler Austin, who told ESPN, “We’re just coming out here to try to win ballgames”. Cold hands David Price will no longer pitch on Wednesday. Pomeranz is taking the mound tonight, and Porcello is being moved up to pitch Wednesday. The Red Sox should take two out of three of these games.