The Red Sox Are Better and More Confident

USA TODAY SportsThe 15-2 Boston Red Sox have the best record in franchise history. Not only that, but the Red Sox have hit four grand slams this season and are on pace for 38. The Major League record for grand slams in a season is 14.  So far this season the Red Sox have had 176 hits, 22 home runs, and 101 RBI’s. Yes it’s early, but it’s clear that the Red Sox didn’t want to play for John Farrell last season. They’ve found an identity with Alex Cora connecting with them.

The only pitcher on the team with a loss is David Price. Alex Cora told Tony Massarotti on 98.5 The Sports Hub that he never knew Price couldn’t pitch well in cold weather, or even about his condition. Price did pitch well Tuesday night, but the Red Sox also hit the ball well too. It was also 60 degrees so Price’s fingers wouldn’t get numb for being too cold. The only two Red Sox losses so far are from Opening Day and David Price being taken out because of the cold temperature.

Alex Cora Is off to a Great Start

Cora is the first rookie manager to start at 15-2, but he credits the players. Cora said after last nights game, “It’s a credit to them, I just put the lineup in. The coaches are helping out, putting them in a spot to be successful. They’re using the information to their advantage. In the end, they’re the ones hitting fastballs out of the ballpark and playing good defense and throwing the ball over the plate. All the credit goes to them.”

Cora also said after last nights game, “I know how good they are. But it’s just something about them that makes you feel confident. You show up every day to work and you enjoy it. I’m having a blast with them, not only in the dugout but in the clubhouse. It’s fun to be around them.” The Red Sox keep this up it will be a fun and exciting season.