We all know Eric Hosmer, the stud first basemen for the KC Royals, a key piece to their two World Series appearances in 2014 -15, and their title in 2015. A great defensive first basemen and an outstanding hitter who can hit for both power and contact, he is a special player.

After the 2017 season, he hits free-agency, where he will definitely land a big contract. The question now is…should the Red Sox try to sign him?

Battle for first

Other 1st base options:

Mitch Moreland  

Moreland has definitely had his moments this year, but only signed through this year and then hits the FA market again.   Will the Soc decide to resign him?  In 440 at bats this year, Moreland is hitting a measly .248 with 18 homers and 65 RBI. Not a bad season, but certainly not a great one, especially compared to the production that Hanley Ramirez brought to the team in the 2016 season. Mitch Moreland has been a nice fill-in this year, but probably not the long-term solution.

Sam Travis

Known as DoctorChill, Sam Travis has impressed this year at first base. He stands at 15-48, boasting a .313 average this year. He has shown the ability to hit the ball, but not for a lot of power to the pull side. His scouting reports that he hits a lot of balls to the opposite field, not ideal for a righty at Fenway park. Usually, you would like a Red Sox righty to pull the ball to the wall. Sam Travis presents the Sox with  definitely a cheaper option than Hosmer, but he needs to work on his ability to pull the ball for power.  In his own words, his six home runs in the minors this year is doesn’t cut it.

Hanley Ramirez 

I know what you are thinking, and I am thinking the same thing…hell no! I figured I would just throw him on the list because there might be  one percent of Red Sox Nation that would want this, and even that is a stretch. Hanley Ramirez had a monster 2016 at first base from an offensive standpoint, and was also very good with the glove. However, his numbers tanked this year, and his future as a DH even may be in question, never mind a spot in the lineup that requires him to play almost every night.

Eric Hosmer

The moment we’ve been waiting for —  the Wizard of Hoz. Eric Hosmer is easily the most well suited option on this list, and I think I can speak on behalf of most people when I say that Red Sox Nation would love to have him on board. There is nothing not to love about this guy. He seems to have great chemistry with the fans and his teammates, and appears to be a great overall guy off the field as well as on. Speaking of on, there is nothing he can’t do as a first basemen. He’s a great fielder, has legitimate pop in his bat, hits for average, as can run. In what he could consider an off-year, a year in which not many people have been talking about him, he has produced .315 with 23 homers and 82 RBI. Not only does he play great year in and year out, he has EXPERIENCE. He has played in two World Series, and has absolutely mashed in the playoffs.

Eric Hosmer represents everything that the Red Sox could use at first base to win in the future, and at a reasonable price. They should push to bring Hosmer to Beantown.