Jackie Bradley Jr.’s Struggles

The Boston Red Sox are now in second place in the American League East. However, Jackie Bradley Jr. can’t seem to get the bat on the ball. In his last 20 games, Bradley has had 62 AB, 0 HR, 3 RBI and 30 strikeouts. According to Boston Sports Info on Twitter, in his last ten games, Bradley has had 29 AB, 0 HR, 0 RBI and 16 strikeouts.

The slump has gotten worse for Bradley. Something might have to be done if it doesn’t change. Alex Cora spoke a few weeks ago about Bradley’s slump, saying, “I don’t know. I trust the guy. I trust him. But we’ve got to sit down and talk, obviously. Decisions here, they’re not only made by me. We talk to the coaching staff, see where the hitters are, see where the players are and go from there.”

Poor Leadership Between Price and Smith

The team’s struggles don’t come from only Bradley. The Red Sox have issues with their bullpen and starting pitcher David Price. Price pitched a complete game the other night but lost the shutout. The weather must’ve been not a problem for the $31 million pitcher. Also, Carson Smith throwing Alex Cora under the bus is such a dirty move when there’s supposed to be a better vibe in the clubhouse.

There’s a subtle difference between Ortiz breaking a dugout phone out of frustration and Smith throwing his glove and missing time. Ortiz was a leader and never complained about being tired after playing in only 14 games. Carson Smith complained about being fatigued after only pitching 14 innings. That is not a leader.

Mookie Betts Is on Fire

Rick Porcello is back to his old self and Andrew Benintendi needs to start running the bases better than what he has been. The only player that’s really on fire and has been all year is Mookie Betts. He looks like he’s the voice in the clubhouse, even when Dustin Pedroia comes back.