Quick little post here. When the Sox lost their final game, I tweeted (@goudtweets) I believed the Red Sox needed a veteran in their system. One who has been “there” before. Vague I know, but my mind was thinking of a certain list of players. At the top was Yadier Molina. Boston fans remember him as the pesky, clinical, defensive catcher for every amazing Cardinals team since 2004. You remember his manager?

Fast-forward to the World Series game 7 finale last night. I receive a notification that said something along the lines of what this most recent Red Sox tweet says:


Initial Reaction:

What an insane time to throw this news out there. I was relaxing, watching two teams that I have no strong feelings towards, duke it out on the big stage. Now my head was spinning into 2018. These are the kind of moves Boston fans need this winter. I realized this is the next best thing to Yadier’s experience. This is just as good as getting anyone from the 2004 team in the front office.

Flash It Back:

2004 was a magical year for the Sox. Everyone in Boston knows that. If someone from the outside knows that, it’s probably someone from the ’04 Cardinals team. The team won 105 games, had one of the best teams I have ever seen, and was dismantled by the Red Sox. Tony La Russa, the Hall of Fame manager, and manager of the Cardinals at that time, knows what went into that team. Maybe he didn’t at the time of battle, but he had front row seats to one of the top teams Boston has produced in any sport.

Now we fast forward to a couple of this man’s World Series titles in 2006, and 2011. He left the game in 2011, after winning a World Series. He went to the Diamondbacks as Chief Baseball Officer front office, and played a crucial role in turning them into what we saw this season. The D-backs team he left had a very sound rebuild, and went from something deplorable to a Wild Card team. Now he comes to the team that caused the demise of one of his best creations in 2004.  Why would he do that? He wants to be with the better chapter of Boston history. It’s time to start believing in what this team is about to turn into with this small move.

What This Does:

Tony La Russa isn’t going to fetch Dombrowski’s his ice mocha lattes, my friends. In fact, there’s a better chance Dave goes to get Tony’s. Larussa is one of the greatest baseballs organizational minds we’ve seen. From helping operate a sound Arizona team, to conducting 15 years of great Cardinals teams. Dave Dombrowski has money he doesn’t even know how to spend at this point. Having Tony sit behind him as a war general telling him where to drop the bombs helps a lot. The Red Sox have gotten the best candidate for the spots they need every offseason. Someone who knows the tactical side of it all can sure help.

There are a lot of veterans with on-field experience like Yadier, that the Sox can find. Someone who is aware of what is going on the league now, and has history to build his credibility. La Russa checks those boxes. This Red Sox team is not a lost cause at all. There is a lot of untapped talent this team can grab hold of. Yet there are some things this team desperately needs, and that’s where Tony comes in to help Dave make those moves. Everyone is concerned with Alex Cora’s managerial experience. What would it do for someone like Cora to have Tony helping out a little bit? The growth and wisdom is endless.


Respect what the Red Sox will be doing this offseason. This team isn’t rebuilding. Besides Chris Sale, Devers and Kimbrel, it seems everyone’s job is at risk. It is clear changes had to be made. Tony La Russa, behind closed doors, using his baseball knowledge is a step into a bright future. It will also be nice to have a line of defense between Dombrowski and specific harsh Boston media. Tony doesn’t back down.