Most Red Sox fans want them to make a deal, like most fans of every team. Around the trade deadline, all teams are considered buyers or sellers. “Buyers” trade prospects for big league talent and “sellers” trade big league talent for prospects. The Red Sox are 49-24 and could win their third straight division title. This means they are buyers, and they should make a trade, right? Well, not so fast, and here’s why:

The Farm System

According to Bleacher Report, the Red Sox have the 27th best farm system in the big leagues. Also, their top prospect Jay Groome is out with Tommy John surgery. Their number two prospect, Michael Chavis, got popped for PEDs, so even their top prospects have huge question marks. Other than that, they do not have anyone special that could get a big name back like Brad Hand or Manny Machado. Since their farm system is blah, the Red Sox would have to trade major league talent for a star. The Padres want Rafael Devers for star closer Brad Hand. I think if you asked ten Red Sox fans if they would do that trade, all ten of them would laugh in your face. Manny Machado rumors have been swirling, but the trade is unlikely to happen. Chris Cotillo said that “the clubs are reportedly not matching up”, and I interpret that as the Orioles thinking that the Red Sox have little to offer, and they are right. Like the Hand deal, Sox fans would be reluctant on giving up big league talent considering Machado is a rental.

Their Rivals

The Astros are 13th, Yankees are 10th, and the Indians are 16th in the Bleacher Report farm system rankings. These are the three biggest threats to the Red Sox, and they all have significantly better farm systems. If I was the general manager of the Padres or Orioles, I am dealing with these teams, not the Sox. These teams are more likely to improve their teams at the deadline, making them better than the Red Sox if they aren’t already. If the Yankees acquire a big name such as Jacob DeGrom, they will most likely win the division. This would leave the Red Sox in the Wild Card game, which no team wants a part of.

The Red Sox will likely make an acquisition, but nothing special. They can get a middle reliever or utility player for nothing, but I highly doubt they will be able to make a big upgrade at the deadline.