A report out of ESPN this morning says Tom Brady has not being fully committed to playing in 2018. We saw at the end of ‘Tom VS Time’. He just wants to spend more time with his family. However, he’s not going to the voluntary workouts, but he’s missed them before so it shouldn’t be a big deal. Listen, Tom Brady’s career is coming to an end; not just right now. He’s playing out his contract and then hanging it up. The reason he’s upset is that he can’t bring Guerrero in the locker room. There are people around him that want him to retire. Gisele and his family want him to retire, and maybe some of his friends do also.

The Patriots will be drafting a quarterback next week. He will be groomed by Tom, Belichick, and McDaniels for one season. Then Tom and Josh in 2019. In 2020 the new quarterback, whoever that is, will be the starter, and Brady will be solely focused on his brand. Josh will be the head coach, and who knows, maybe even Robert will hand the team to Johnathan Kraft. Remember Johnathan Kraft didn’t hire Belichick. He’s not Bill’s guy, so it’s pretty obvious what’s going on.

Via Boston Herald

All Things Come to an End

The dynasty of 18 years is coming to an end. We will hear all day about how Brady isn’t committed, when in fact it’s Belichick who is retiring at the end of the season. A Patriots beat reporter has yet to say that Belichick is hanging it up after this season. I was told by an insider at Patriot Place. You can believe me or not, but it does make sense that Belichick is walking away.

I’m not certain if Tom Brady knows Belichick is retiring at the end of the season. Which is probably why he is also holding this grudge against Belichick. All Belichick is concerned about is one, getting his team ready for 2018, and two, have a smooth transition when McDaniels takes over next season.