Jalen Ramsey Giving The Patriots A Reason To Destroy The Jaguars in Week 2

Jalen Ramsey isn’t afraid of talking about his opinion about other players around the NFL. The latest remark Ramsey made was about Gronk. He flat-out said Gronkowski isn’t very good. He elaborated and claimed that Tom Brady makes Gronkowski better than he is. Yes, Brady can make a superstar out of an average receiver or tight end, however, Gronkowski isn’t an average tight end. Gronkowski is the best tight end in the game when healthy. The five-time Pro Bowler has 76 touchdowns and 7,179 yards in his career. He may like to party and have a good time but when it comes down to business he works hard to get open for Brady.

Gronkowski Will Be Responding to Ramsey’s Comments On The Field

September 16th is when the Patriots play the Jaguars. With Edelman out expect Gronkowski to put on a show. Not only to live up to the incentives but also to shut Ramsey up on the field. You know Gronkowski has heard what he said and is ready to get as many yards as possible. Gronkowski and the Patriots do their talking on the field and don’t really feed the media too much of anything about an opponent. Ramsey has only been in the league for three years. He’s had one interception and only been to one Pro-Bowl. Sure, Jacksonville has a great defense. But the mouth on Ramsey could get him in trouble with the Jaguars and other teams coming after him on the field. For Gronkowski, you know he wants to be matched up with him once they play the Jaguars.

If Ramsey was retired and he wasn’t facing the Patriots in week 2 then it would be different. It’s not giving the Patriots a reason (Gronk especially) to literally destroy you on the field. It’s a stupid take regardless. Gronkowski works hard and puts the time in. Ramsey should win a Super Bowl first before he starts talking about the best tight end in the game.