Rob Gronkowski will be back

Via Sporting News

A year ago this time Rob Gronkowski was contemplating retirement. The Patriots just lost the Super Bowl and Gronkowski was looking to move on from football. He did that weird motocross press conference in March and wasn’t talking about playing in 2018. After that press conference Belichick had a talk with him about coming back or he’s going to be traded. Then Gronkowski made a video after that meeting stating he would come back. After the Patriots lost to the Detroit Lions eariler in the season Gronkowski confirmed he was almost traded but said he’d only play again if Tom Brady was the quarterback.

Gronkowski is weighing his options

Throughout the 2018 season Gronkowski was battling back and other injuries. He really wasn’t himself all year and it was a wonder if he was hanging it up after this season. The Patriots got the number two seed and Gronkowski seemed good to go for the playoffs. He mostly blocked in the win against the Los Angeles Chargers. He made some big plays in the AFC Championship game in Kansas City. Finally during the Super Bowl he made a game changing catch to set up the game winning touchdown. When it came down to it Gronkowski was clutch as ever when it mattered the most.

The difference between last off season and this off season there’s no drama. What really helped was winning the Super Bowl when people counted them out. But Gronkowski is a key asset to that offense even though he gets hurt easily. His blocking skills can open holes for Sony Michel, and James White. He’s been at the Stadium seeing doctors since the Super Bowl weighing his options to see if it’s worth coming back for another season. Rumors are that he told teammates he wants a seventh ring.

In my opinion he’s probably going to comeback to get another ring. At this point he’s not going to get traded or ask for a trade he only wants to play for Brady. Also Brady will probably ask him to comeback for another season amd get treatment at TB12 to help with his back. At the end of the day Gronkowski knows his best chance at winning a Super Bowl is with the Patriots. He has plenty of time to make movies but only has a few years left with Brady as the quarterback.