Lots of Hogwash Reporting

The Patriots have the next two days off of OTAs. This means the next time the Patriots take the practice field will be when Training Camp starts on July 26th. The Patriots have had a wild off-season, and owner Robert Kraft brought back an old word yesterday: ‘hogwash.’ Kraft used the word in reference to the Rob Gronkowski trade rumors from last Friday. Robert Kraft was trying to be clear that Gronkowski was never going to be traded. Tom Brady took the week off and so did Rob Gronkowski following the mandatory minicamp last week.

To recap the Patriots’ off-season, they had Josh McDaniels come back, and drafted a quarterback and singed Etling to a four-year deal. There has been lots of fake news and hogwash reporting going on according to Gronkowski and the owner Robert Kraft. Tom Brady has been quiet while training at TB12 and throwing to Julian Edelman after OTAs. Julian Edelman got popped for PEDs, but it’s an unknown substance, so who knows if Edelman could win his appeal. Alex Guerrero quickly denied that TB12 had anything to do with Edelman’s positive drug test.

Looking Ahead

Putting all the hogwash reporting aside, it should be a fun season. This may be the last season we’ll ever see from Brady and Belichick. People seem to disagree with that statement, but why else was Josh McDaniels brought back? Rumor has it Josh McDaniels has his eye on a quarterback in next year’s draft. Rumor also is Josh will draft a quarterback next season, so if or when Brady retires after 2019, Etling will be the starter.

On to Training Camp

That might be thinking too far ahead. We will get a good look into this season starting in a month with Training Camp. Those hot days in July when the stands, grass, and ramps at Gilette are filled with people and reporters. This time around it might be a little different, but it’s exciting to see another football season.