It Seems Kraft Regrets the Decision to Trade Jimmy Garoppolo

Via NBC SportsAfter everything that has come out regarding the Patriots, Kraft is coming to a realization. The end is near for Tom Brady, and even Bill Belichick too. As for Brady, it seems like he’s going to play out his contract and retire. This would mean one more year with Belichick and one year with Josh McDaniels as head coach.

Kraft Doesn’t Have Any Problems with Brady’s Contract

Via CNBCRobert Kraft told Jeff Howe of the Athletic that he doesn’t have any problems with Brady’s contract. If it becomes an issue then they will figure it out. A year ago in March, Kraft talked about how he just talked to Brady and he wants to play till he’s 45. Now with Garoppolo gone, Brady’s referencing how he needs to spend more time with his family. It’s getting Kraft thinking that he’s losing his coach and quarterback in these next two years.

Now Kraft has to be upset with Brady when they just traded Garoppolo. At least the coach is all set and Belichick is realistic. Brady, however, is kind of being selfish. Kraft also said, “I don’t think anyone would have believed 10 years ago that he would have played this year, gone to the Super Bowl and been MVP of the league at 40 years old. It’s just unbelievable. It speaks to the way he takes care of himself, the way he trains, how much film he watches, one of the hardest working guys. He is driven to excel. I think as long as he feels he is like that, he’ll keep playing. We’re so lucky to have him in our system.”

The Patriots will draft a quarterback this draft. You have one year to groom him with Brady Belichick and McDaniels. Then one year with Brady and McDaniels. Three years from now we’ll be looking at a completely new Patriots team.