Revs overview

Robert Kraft is the worst owner in soccer history. If you’re a Revs fan reading this article, you’ll mostly agree with everything I have to say. If you’re a Patriots fan, you might be wondering who the Revs even are. In case you didn’t know, the Revs are Robert Kraft’s other team. Although they really shouldn’t be. Kraft has owned the New England Revolution since 1996, but has done almost nothing to help them out since then. Robert Kraft spends almost no money on his team, settles for mediocrity, and has almost no involvement with the team. You might be thinking, why would he care about them? Well just like every other sports team, the Revs have their own passionate supporters who are dying to see the day their team can lift the MLS Cup. Unfortunately, unless Kraft severely changes his business mentality that won’t happen under Robert Kraft.

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Soccer is more than a business

Robert Kraft looks at the Revs as a business. At the end of the day, if he makes a profit From ticket sales and concessions he’s content with that. Essentially the way he runs the Revs would be equivalent to him being OK with the Patriots finishing out of the playoffs every single year as long as he makes a profit. This is not the way you want to run a team, especially not a soccer team. He never invests in soccer, ever. We’ve been looking for our own stadium since 2006. Playing at Gillette Stadium does not work for the Revs. There’s no public transportation to get there, and they sell maybe 20,000 tickets on average per game. This leaves almost 50,000 empty seats, making the atmosphere almost nonexistent.

Making Strides?

One of the better things to come out of the Revs camp recently is the rumor that Kraft has pledged to spend up to $400 million on a new stadium. As mentioned earlier, a stadium is the number 1 priority for the Revs right now. They’ve been looking since 2006 and haven’t been able to close a deal on a site. A few years ago they came very close to sealing a deal at Bayside, but it ultimately failed. So when it came out that Kraft was willing to spend 400 million on a stadium, people got excited. Although we’ve heard this story before, but it goes nowhere. Will this be the time that the rumor comes true? We’ll have to wait and see.


This season, the Revs are on pace to finish last in the league. The same GM who has gotten them to the playoffs 3 times in the last 9 years has not been fired yet. It’s up to Robert Kraft to make a move. He either needs to sell the Revs to someone who will get us a stadium, invest in the team, has ambitions of winning the MLS Cup. Or, Robert Kraft needs to step up and put his wallet where is mouth is. A $35 million training facility is nice, but without a stadium, or quality players, it’s nothing. It is a stepping stone towards greatness, but there are hundreds of other stones left to go