Rodney Harrison would get my vote for Patriots Hall Of Fame

Rodney Harrison was a huge asset to the Patriots defense. The two time Super Bowl Champion played 63 games for the Patriots, starting 62 of them. In the nine seasons with the Patriots, he recorded 12 interceptions, had 412 combination tackles, and 312 solo tackles. Harrison is one of those Patriots who came up big in big spots on the defensive side of the ball. When people think of those early 2000 Patriot teams on defense they think of Ty Law, Teddy Bruschi, Mike Vrabel, Ted Johnson, and Rodney Harrison. Harrison was on the Super Bowl XXXVIII, and Super Bowl XXIX winning teams.

Rodney Harrison has two Super Bowl rings

One of the greatest moments of Harrison’s career came at the end of Super Bowl XXXVIII. He would break his arm during the Panthers last drive, instead of coming out of the game he went back in on the very next play. On the next play, he made a tackle making his broken arm even worse. That was the Rodney Harrison that people loved the toughness he showed. After the game, Harrison thanked Belichick for believing in him. The only down moment was the David Tyree helmet catch in the Super Bowl against the Giants. Other than that he had a great career with the Patriots

Another great moment for Harrison was when he intercepted Donovan McNabb in Super Bowl XXXIX on the final drive to seal the win and the Patriots third Super Bowl. He deserves that red jacket with the other Patriot greats. However so does Richard Seymour and Mike Vrabel who are also Patriots Hall Of Fame candidates this year. Out of those three, I would pick Harrison as he wasn’t traded away like Seymour was to Oakland or Vrabel was to Kansas City. It seemed like Vrabel and Seymour left on bad terms but are now fine with Belichick. Harrison, however, has always been a Belichick favorite and should get the fans vote.