Photo courtesy: Juventus FC

His scoring touch is still there 

It took only eight minutes in his first match wearing Juventus colors but Cristiano Ronaldo has his first goal.

To Juventus supporters the game is known as Villar Perosa. It was also the first chance to see him don the black and white. The game was streamed online for fans on Facebook and other social media sites due to the hype surrounding Cristiano.

Ronaldo sure can draw a crowd! In a small Italian town with a population of 4,000 people, some 5,000 fans packed into the stadium to watch Cristiano Ronaldo in his first appearance for Juventus.

Photo courtesy: Reuters

The Agnelli family organizes the club’s annual curtain-raiser friendly against the Juventus B team each year.

Cristiano scored the first goal and created another in Sunday’s 5-0 victory.

Fans were not disappointed 

A fan ran onto the field and tried to hug the new number seven as he left the pitch at half-time. Due to the tradition of fans running onto the pitch, the match ultimately had to be abandoned after 72 minutes.

After the game players signed and posed for photographs with fans.

Photo courtesy: Juventus FC

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