When joining any new field/industry newbies are often overwhelmed with terminology and abbreviations. All this terminology could be confusing for players at Diamond Jackpots, especially when they all sound the same.This article is written with the aim of removing some of the confusion regarding two very important terms in the online slot industry. They are RTP and RNG.

This article will have you speaking the lingo like a pro in no time.

What Is RTP?

The acronym RTP stands for Return to Player. Casinos use the term return to describe the percentage of all bets on a slot that is paid back to players over the lifetime of the slot.

If you thus play on a slot with an RTP of 96% and you have placed a hundred bets worth $1 each. You can expect to win back about $96 dollars in wins. 

Does RTP Affect Winnings In Slots?

It is clear that the term RTP is very important in slots. However, does this affect your winnings, and should it influence which slots you choose to play?

A slot’s RTP percentage essentially tells players how much they can expect to lose when playing a specific slot. However, it is important that players keep in mind that RTPs are calculated on a very big number of spins; not hundreds or thousands but millions.

This is what makes playing slots so exciting. A RTP of 96% does not mean that after 100 spins you will definitely win back your money. There are countless players who won jackpots on their very first spin. If you knew exactly when you would win, where would the excitement be?

How RTP in Slots Work

Getting RTP set up in a slot is a long and complicated process. The more complex the game, the more complicated the act of setting up RTP. Nonetheless, slots are programmed to give back a percentage of what it gets in wagers. Slot developers develop RTPs in such a way that the slot pays back the exact percentage expected. So regardless of what the slot’s RTP is it will give back the RTP percentage.

What is RNG?

The acronym RNG stands for Random Number Generator. A random number generator refers to a device that creates random number sequences. In slot machines in particular, the random number sequence corresponds to a symbol combination. If this symbol combination happens to be on the paytable, then you win. 

How RNGs Work

Software RNG’s, which are found in slot machines, use a mathematical formula in order to create random number sequences. The formula is initiated by a seed value, which can be any external factor such as keystrokes, a computer’s clock or even room temperature. The fact that the seed values are external is what contributes to the randomness of the slot.

RNGs are essentially what makes slots so random. You could win on your first spin, or after your millionth. There is no way of telling. Basically each spins is independent from the last.

Hopefully the above break-down of the two terms has helped along your understanding of online slots.