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After the Kentucky Derby 2019, a famous horse race in the United States, betting odds and makeup of the field are expected to be known for the second leg of the Triple Crown races.  People are getting anxious and excited, and the focus will now turn to the upcoming Preakness Stakes 2019 on May 18. Safest betting sites like TVG, Bet America & TwinS are all up and ready for the bets to go up high now that it is fast approaching.

About the Race

Preakness Stakes is one of the most thrilling races, making up as the second leg in the legendary Triple Crowns’. Held annually, every third week of May the Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland will be filled again with multiple and diverse individuals eager to witness the performances of every contender. This year, 14 horses will race towards the finish line as it celebrates its 144th year in the horse racing industry.

Types of Bets

There are many betting types to choose from in horse racing. Three most basic bets in Preakness Stakes are:

            WIN BET The most common betting type and the most straightforward. If your pick finishes first, you’ll be paid out.

            PLACE BET – If your horse finishes first or second, then you can claim your wager win.

            SHOW BET – If your horse finishes anywhere in the first, second or third place then you will win.

Preakness Stakes also include other popular bets:

            EXACTA – You will win if you correctly select the first and second finishers in a race in exact order.

TRIFECTA -For you to win, you must pick the first, second and third finishers in the correct order. The reward has higher pay than the exacta.

SUPERFECTA – You should pick four horses that would place first, second, third, and fourth in the exact and same order as your pick.

Betting Odds

To predict the outcome of a particular event, or know how it is likely to happen, it is essential to learn how betting odds work. Betting involves money and with the right prediction, the more money you can win.  Odds serves just a guide for people to foresee the probability of an event to occur and how much money you will win if your bet wins.

Betting odds can be used to calculate winnings.  You can figure out how much money you win if you make a bet. Given as an example of 9/1 odd, that for every $1 you bet, you will earn $9. Upon using betting odds to calculate probability, using the case above, 9/1 can figure as 1 / (9+1) = 0.10. There is a 10% chance that the event will likely to happen.

Preakness Stakes Current Odds

Last year, Justify won the Preakness Stakes 2018. Even though the foggy weather, the colt made it his advantage to gallop even faster and finish first among other horses. Given this year’s Kentucky Derby 2019, Country House won the 145-year old race after the disqualification of Maximum Security. 

Despite claiming the winner in the first leg of the Triple Crown, Country House failed to become the favorite contender going into the second leg of the Triple Crown. Instead, Code of Honor who garnered the second place at the Kentucky Derby was expected to have higher chances of winning the 2019 Preakness Stakes.

According to the US Racing which is an award-winning international online horse racing service, Code of Honor placed at the top of the list having an odds of 5/2-followed by Country House with an odds of 3/1. War of Will with the odds of 4/1 same as Tacitus, 5/1 odds for Game Winner, Improbable having an odds of 15/2, Vekoma for 11/1, Laughing Fox and Alwaysmining with a chance of 12/1. 14/1 for Owendale and Anothertwistafate for a 16/1 odds.  More horses may race to the Preakness Stakes, but the decision-making process will involve a few factors. Some new names might also add up to the contenders when finalized during the week of the said race. Alwaysmining and Anothertwistafate are two non-Kentucky Derby horses, and they are worth keeping an eye for the upcoming race.


Betting is a fun and exciting thing to do, especially if the odds are too high that your pick will win on that race. It’s the betting that interests and appeals to the people. And as much as how impulsive you are to bet, learning the basics is essential before you put your money at risk.

The 2019  Preakness Stakes current odds serves as just a guide to help you pick the most likely to finish the race first. It does not assure a hundred percent win but will give you chances about the probability for it to occur.