With March Madness getting closer, we are looking at an impressive tournament of exciting games. Undoubtedly, we are getting ready for top-notch action with various teams looking to make it into the top spots. But we can’t deny that the competition will take us to another level of excitement.

If you are looking to bet on college basketball games, this is your chance. March Madness has many games lined up, and you can make your picks based on research and guts. But before you decide which March Madness bets you should place, you should know the various available games.

Houston State leads the pile regarding the top picks for the tournament. The team has been impressive, and since becoming the top pick, they’ve maintained the form, and we believe the team can take that form into the tournament. It won’t be an easy feat, but with Houston’s current roaster, it is a possibility.

We can expect the team to continue pushing for the title. So, as we approach March Madness, we want to explore the Houston State team to see why they are considered favorites. Let’s look at the current roster and player profiles as well as their performances and stats in the last couple of months. So, without wasting time, let’s get into it.

Current Roster

For this year’s March Madness, Jason Hooten will remain the head coach at Houston State, with Chris Mudge, Justin Bailey, and Mike Ekanem helping set up a solid team. The team will also have Ronald Mitchell Jr., Kaosi Ezeagu, Qua Grant, and many more players, including the following:

  • Lamar Wilkerson
  • Anthony Wrzeszcz
  • Jacoby Bishop
  • Damon Nicholas Jr.
  • Javion May
  • Tristan Ikpe
  • Jaden Ray
  • Donte Powers
  • Cameron Huefner
  • Giovanni Emejuru
  • Kian Scroggins

These players are ready to battle hard, and they are ready for an exciting tournament. We expect them to bring their A-Game. As a result, they can make it to the top of the draft picks. As a result, we expect the team to deliver and remain at the top for a long time, and it won’t be close, although they need to be careful not to underestimate any team.

Performances and Stats

Houston State has had some incredible performances in the last couple of months. The team has continued to dominate their opponents in most of the ties, and as a result, we expect the team to continue this form into March Madness, which is why they are sitting at the top as the favorites to win the tournament.

Qua Grant is leading in the scoring department with 13.7 points per game in 22 matches, showing that Grant is one of the star players on the team. Donte Powers follows on the leading scorer’s table. Javion May is leading in all the stats areas in the defense department, with Qua Grant coming in second. So, the team is safe in these players’ hands.

Top Starters

Some players have remained consistent for Houston State throughout this season. Qua Grant, Donte Powers, Lamar Wilkerson, Kian Scroggins, and Javion May are among the top starters, and they’ve maintained top stats throughout the season. These players will carry the team during the March Madness tournament.

Other honorable mentions in the top starters list include Tristian Ikpe, Javion May, Cameron Huefner, Jaden Ray, Kaosi Ezeagu, Damon Nicholas Jr., and Anthony Wrzeszcz. These players will play their part throughout the tournament when needed, which makes the team more formidable and a top pick.

Injuries and Possible Issues

Fortunately for Houston State, they don’t have any injury issues. As a result, having their key players and other starters available will make the team more formidable. They can win the competition if they can keep the squad together throughout the tournament. Undoubtedly, it is difficult but not impossible.

The coach needs to find a way to protect Grant and May until March Madness and keep them in good shape. But, as long as both players are in form, the chances of Houston State winning is high, and they can get over the line. So, we look forward to a solid team.

Our Thoughts

Houston State has what it takes to win the tournament. The team has been doing well in the last couple of months, so they are the favorites to win. As it stands, no team currently comes close. In that case, it is easy for this team to win.