The Martinez Enigma

This whole JD Martinez situation all offseason has been annoying. It’s been weird, maddening, and downright boring. It’s been a lot of things. And another story has been added onto this seemingly never ending run for the power bat the Red Sox are looking for.

Ken Rosenthal wrote a column that JD Martinez is telling people in Miami that he is willing to hold out until he gets the price he wants, which was first reported by FanRag Sports’s Jon Heyman. He is also telling people that he is “fed up with the Red Sox inflexibility and would rather sign with another club”.

Scott Boras then came out and said those reports are false and that Martinez is “pleased” with the process. He also said that he has other offers and they are still negotiating. I’m going with Rosenthal on this one. He doesn’t just come up with random BS to get people to read his articles. JD probably told some folks he’s upset about whats going on and word got out to Rosenthal.

Apparently the only other offer JD Martinez also has is a one year offer from Arizona. But apparently he’s upset with Boston? This makes no sense. I also find it ridiculous that he and Boras are willing to hold out as long as possible to get the deal they want. Let me tell you something: the Red Sox have given you more than enough. I don’t know why Boras told this guy he will be getting $210 million for seven years at the beginning of the offseason. He’s clearly not worth that. Is he great? Absolutely. But not worth north of $200 million.

Don’t forget the fact that the Red Sox have literally given you the best offer out of anyone. Why are you mad at them? Why aren’t you mad at Arizona who is offering 1 year?! or any of the other 28 teams who aren’t even thinking of you. Why aren’t you “fed up” with them?

Money on His Mind

Now whether Rosenthal or Boras is right, there’s no denying the whole process has been ridiculous. The fact that he still hasn’t signed yet is the dumbest thing ever. I don’t know if it’s because Scott Boras and all your buddies were saying what they think you deserve and you think five years and $125 million is some petty offer or what. But you need to get it together. For some reason people got you thinking you’re Mickey Mantle or Barry Bonds. You’re great, but not a legend. At least not yet.

JD is just acting like a spoiled brat in all of this thinking he deserves one thing when he really deserves something else, and Boras is helping him think that way. You also can’t forget the dude is turning 31 this year. We’ve been down this road before. Overpaying someone over 30 is never ideal. Never seems to work out especially at the end.

I’m sure this whole same situation is going on with Eric Hosmer as well, another name you would think has signed by now but has not. Why? Because teams aren’t stupid and don’t want to overpay players.

Boston is Watching

I’ll say this: I really hope if we get JD Martinez. It’s not like we are dragging him here and the only reason he is here is because of the check. He better want to play here. Because just like the pressure Stanton is going to have from going to NYY from Miami, JD will have to face that playing in Boston. And it is not easy. The fans don’t let you get away with things in cities like this. If you come here, please want to be here, because if not, please don’t. Sign that one year Arizona deal for all I care. Dombrowski can figure something else out. I just don’t want the Red Sox and JD Martinez to already be on bad terms before he even plays a single game with this team.

So whether this whole situation is because of Boras, JD, or both, it needs to end soon. And if you sign with Boston, sign with them wanting to win with them and wanting to be here. If you can’t do that, we’ll find someone who does.