It’s September 1st which means summer is over, it’s football season, and the weather changes. It also means  we are pretty much in the final month of the Red Sox season. For some fans it’s a worrisome time, and for some it’s when do the playoffs start? The Red Sox have a rocky history in September we all remember the September collapse in 2011 that lead to Terry Francona’s firing. Could the same happen this season?

The answer to that question is I don’t know, you really never know with this team. This series with the Yankees is a big one they lost last night and really should at least split this series this weekend. The pitching has to be solid, and with the young talent they have can they deliver in the final stretch of the season.

Questions still remain about David Price, and Dustin Pedroia when will they come back? It looks like they won’t be back till the playoffs if they get there. They should make the playoffs, they have the division lead it is there’s to lose. If they do give up the division lead to the Yankees this season would be a failure and manager John Farrell will be gone in my opinion.

Even with the Addison Reed singing you still have questions in the Bullpen as he is average at best. The only real ace on that team right now is Chris Sale. He gets the start Sunday night in New York and should get the win. It will be interesting to see what happens as we head into this final month of the regular season.

Get ready Red Sox fans for the wild rollercoaster ride we will be on for this could be very good or could get ugly pretty fast so enjoy the ride.