The stage was set; the crowd had been alerted of his impending arrival; boxes of Seahawks hats were waiting for him and his family members, Backed up on by he’d brought with him for the biggest weekend of his life. There was one last reminder, from one NFL staffer: “Make sure his brother is right next to him.” According to BetNow sportsbook

Shaquem and his twin brother, Shaquill, were born back to back in June 1995. They chose to attend the University of Central Florida because it met the most important criteria—the football team wanted both brothers. Always they were as, Shaquill says, a package deal.

One year earlier, Shaquill, had been drafted by the Seahawks with the 90th pick, in the third round. The 2017 season was the first one they had spent apart, Shaquill starting 11 games for the Seahawks. Living miles away from one another prepared them for what they thought was the inevitability of playing on different NFL teams.

“I continued to tell him,” Shaquil said, “it was a one percent chance that this could actually happen.”

Soon his music began playing—Drake’s “Do Not Disturb”—and it was time for Shaquem Griffin to take his much-awaited walk across the stage in front of a roaring crowd. He took a deep breath, patted his heart and looked over at his brother, who was standing right next to him.

Family, friends, and Seattle fans are looking forward to the 2018 NFL Season.

By N. Cermak