From 2000 to now the Patriots have always done what’s best for the team

Via Times Union

Robert Kraft bought the team 25 years ago. His goal was to bring a championship to Foxborough. The Patriots made the Super Bowl in 1997 and lost to the Packers. After a few coaching changes, from Bill Parcells to Pete Carroll, Robert Kraft hired Bill Belichick in 2000. Then Tom Brady was drafted. Nobody had any idea that 18 years later they’d be celebrating their sixth World Championship as a coach and quarterback.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady share many things in common. They only care about winning football games. Belichick and Brady have been on this great championship ride for almost two decades. Don’t expect it to be done anytime soon either. You can debate all day on who deserves more credit for all the success. But Brady and Belichick need eachother to get everyone on board for what they are trying to accomplish.

FEBRUARY 5, 2019 – BOSTON, MA: New England PAtriots Tom Brady waves the Super Bowl trophy and salutes the fans on Boylston St during the rolling rally. (Staff photo by Nicolaus Czarnecki/DigitalFirst Media/ Boston Herald)

Without great leadership all these championships aren’t possible

People outside New England are sick and tired of the Patriots winning or making the Super Bowl year after year. Boston is the best sports city in the country. They’ve had 12 championships in 18 years. They just celebrated a championship parade in Boston a few moths back for the Red Sox. Then they had another parade for the Patriots yesterday. Fans don’t get sick and tired of the parades, they still come out by the millions. You can’t say that about any other city. For the Patriots it’s all thanks to owner Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady. Without them this entire almost two decade run of championships doesn’t happen.

Players come to New England just because they want to win a championship. They know it’s not easy,but they see the leadership from Belichick and Brady and the success they’ve had throughout the years and want to be a part of it. Jason McCourty went from an 0-16 team last year to a Super Bowl winning team this year. That’s what’s great about the New England Patriots. They’ve always put team first, which is why they’ll continue to be successful.