The year was 2018, and it was the first time in three decades that the Men’s soccer team wasn’t taking part in the World Cup. Much was written about how it went to be so and why did it happen. To be honest, the team is pretty decent and has enough ammunition in all departments. Much of the failings were prescribed to being because of the transition phase of the USMNT. Older players were retiring or falling below par performances, and there were a lot of young players coming in; with great potential and just entering into the picture. Many experts said that too much was being made out of the shortcoming; it wasn’t the end of world and demise of the soccer team.

Critics around the world accrued this failure to the format of MLS, which is unlike other league formats around the world.  In other countries, there are divisions of the soccer league and each year the top teams of each division are shifted to the upper league through some form of playoffs or calculation of total points. This way, the competition remains tough and players have more chances to prove themselves. England, Italy, Spain, and Germany; nearly all have the same format in their leagues. Experts base the success of footballing teams of these countries to the division format of leagues.

MLS only has one league and with a defined set of teams that play each year. Unlike others, it doesn’t offer much in variety and doesn’t give that many chances to the unlucky to prove themselves.

Craig from PaperDoers, says, “There is no risk of losing and being relegated to a lower division, so there is a lack of threat or of an incentive, this makes for a lesser competitive environment and certainly not the one where talent could grow.”

If US football promotes divisions in the league; it will give chances to many who could not make it to the top because of injuries or lack of form. There are examples throughout every league in the world of players who did really well in the lower divisions, were recognized and bought buy a big club in the top division. Jamie Vardy is a prime example of that, he finally peaked his talent at the age of 29 because he had an injury earlier; if he was not given a chance, Leicester would not have got the historic title they won.

There is, of course, a counter argument to this one. Women play almost the same format in US Soccer; yet, they are one of the most successful teams in worldwide soccer. They have won several accolades and trophies, including the World Cup three times. Questions are always asked as to how it is possible; that one team of the same sport is one of the most feared ones on the planet while another have never won the World Cup and is still not a footballing giant like their European counterparts.  

Alex from BestOnlineAssignmentHelp charts it to a different factor altogether, “Soccer in women wasn’t much of a rage back in the days. In the 70s, there were only a few thousand women who played it. Now, that number has risen to around three hundred times that. USA, unlike many countries, cares the same about the men’s team and the women’s team. You saw how the team went on and thrashed Japan in the final in 15’.  You could see the confidence and the style of play. That does not happen in a day, it takes years to develop players like that and gain a footballing identity.”

There was a recent move by a conglomerate to introduce divisions in the league but that didn’t happen because the chairman of US soccer wasn’t in favor. Let us see if US men’s football is able to emulate the same footballing identity and winning capability like the women’s team has.