Let me kick this whole thing off with some straight honesty. I am not a hockey guy.

From my vey cheap seats, here is what I know…

Icing is something that goes on a cake.

The crease is a place where you wipe.

The neutral zone is a description of my high school (ok, and college….and global) sex life…


Anyway. Playoff hockey is the best. Really. THE best. I’m a football guy by nature, but lets face some facts. Baseball completely sucks. Basketball is baseball’s younger, junkie brother. BUT, hockey – playoffs in particular -might just be the best thing in sports. The better team typically wins simply because of more hustle and tenacity. How awesome is that? Skate, push, fight harder than your opponent; and you likely will win. It’s amazing.

My brother-in-law was arguably one of the best players New England has produced and he gets it. I don’t. At all. I try…but, totally faking it. If I played this sport, I would be the guy throwing cheap shots at weak opponents and shooting pucks at hot girls on the stands for attention.

As a Bruins/Boston fan, please enjoy this. We are spoiled. So spoiled. Boston is blessed. America hates us. Good. Sorry y’all, but that’s life. Now dust off those duck boats. Its been like a hundred days since our last world champion team. Puck off!

See you Monday for Game 4. I’ll be the guy with the brand new Bs t-shirt from Kohl’s.