Is Sony Michel a dud?

With the 31st pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Patriots select Sony Michel. So far in the last two games, Michel can’t get in sync with Brady along with the entire offense. Michel was supposed to be this explosive running back and replace Dion Lewis. From the last two games, I would rather have Dion Lewis back. At least he would get a first down on third and one.  Lewis wouldn’t get stopped half the times Michel has in the last two weeks. Maybe it’s a little early to be judging but when Brady is calling Michel out then there’s a problem.

Brady only wants players who can make plays in the game

Last night Brady said he wanted White in the game more.  “Yeah, he had a great catch and had some good runs there at the end. He’s just a great player for us. So, you’re right. He’s gotta be involved. Guys who can make plays are the ones that should be involved. And James is certainly one of them. Guys who can make plays are the ones that should be involved, ” Brady said. In the entire game last night, White had just three touches overall. Meanwhile, overhyped Sony Michel is getting carries left and right throughout the game and getting nowhere, which is leaving Brady frustrated because he can’t get it.

Last night Michel rushed for 50 yards on 14 carries. While James White had that nice touchdown catch from Brady for the only touchdown in the game. Michel had missed a lot in training camp because of a knee injury that kept him out most of the preseason too.  If he’s not fully ready to come back, then he shouldn’t be on the field. It should be the running back who can push the ball up the field and make plays. For Michel, I’m not sure he’s really ready yet, but I could be wrong and he has a great season. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.