The debate still continues to buzz within the sports industry of what is really the difference between horse race betting and sports betting. The horse racing is the only kind of sports where the superstars are thoroughbred horses whereas most of the sports betting evolving around the gambling industry are mostly attended by humans.

Despite the fact that these two sports are composed of different players and rules, the betting and wagering process brings the same fulfillment to all punters which are mostly a fan of sports. While sports like soccer, football, and basketball comes in a two or three betting categories, the horse racing show is composed of various betting categories which make the wagering a more entertaining and rewarding process to take for all sports gamblers.

In fact, all horse racing fans all over the world are now ready to witness the newest edition of the Triple Crown Series which is the grandest horse racing showdown in the United States. It is composed of three major legs starting with Kentucky Derby which will take place on May 4, 2019, followed by Preakness Stakes on May 18, 2019, and concluded by Belmont Stakes on June 8, 2019. While we are days away before the Triple Crown Series, let’s go ahead and take a look at the difference between basic sports betting and horse race betting. In this way, you will have a thorough understanding to make sure you take part in effective and profitable betting.

Identifying The Odds

Ideally, identifying the odds comes the biggest difference between sports betting and horse race betting. In betting for a horse race like TVG Kentucky Derby, the betting type that is usually utilized is the “Pari-Mutuel Betting”. It means that oddsmaker obtains mutual bets in which every odds are determined depending on the amount that’s placed by every bettor for a specific entry. In this case, it only shows that each bettor is all competing for the same amount of prize at stake.

Unlike with basic sports betting like soccer, each oddsmaker set every odds regardless of how many people or how much money is placed on the team they want to bet. That means that even though 75% of punters or more are betting on particular teams, the odds remains the same and won’t change.

Horse Race Betting

Each odds in a horse racing show is identified using a formula. This comes in calculating the total amount gathered for each bet, the money being placed for each racer, and a percentage of each on-track or off-track site bets.

Moreover, in a horse race betting, the payouts given to each successful bettors depends on the final odds of each racing segment.

Basic Sports Betting

For basic sports betting,  each odds are identified by every oddsmaker not by a formula but by these different factors and components.

  • Odds are determined through team statistics with regards to their previous performances. It also identified through some complementary situations. In cases such as soccer and football, double chance soccer predictions is an example of a betting category that you can partake wherein the outcome of the game may either be a win or a draw and losing is not an option.
  • It is also determined with regards to the health of every player in the team, how do they play, and most importantly how they will be able to perform their role in the game.
  • Weather is also considered to be an element of determining the odds in sports betting

Animal VS Man

As stated, the horse racing showdown like the Triple Crown is being attended by thoroughbred horse racers and the superstars are horses. In a philosophical aspect, betting for a horse race is putting trust in a specific horse racer to win when you wage your money. While for sports betting, you are trusting humans to do their best so they will win and eventually to end up in a profitable betting.

In some cases like horse racing, there are also instances where you might doubt in wagering due to a racer being frightened in the beginning of the race or even refusal to jump in an obstacle.

For basic sports betting, your betting may also be affected especially if players are not in their best condition to play. Red cards being raised by referees is also a factor that may hinder you from getting a winning team.

Common And Basic Traits

Although horse race betting and basic sports betting differ in the type of racers and players, they have traits in common. Each bettor comes up with their bets through careful analysis and rigid study of their bets using previous forms and performances. This is why most successful bettors whether they bet for a horse racing or basic sports are efficient because they are wise enough to study the background first of their entries before they place a bet.