It is a known fact that sports betting is a great alternative to playing at the casino and it has grown in popularity in recent years. It has already enjoyed a massive scene in countries such as the UK, but even in America, some states have now begun to legalise the activity, opening it up to a much wider market than before. People who live in areas where sports betting has recently been legalised may want to get into the activity but have no idea where to start. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to get into when compared to some casino table games and those who want to start betting may find this guide useful.

Sports betting will appeal to people who already have an interest in sports, as they can use that knowledge of their favourite teams and put it to use to try and win some money. This is an advantage over traditional casino play, where a great deal of luck is involved. Despite this many still choose to play at online casinos, you can find some when looking at, but sports betting takes the cake when it comes to chances of winning. A well-researched bet can go a long way in earning people money, though there is always a small element of luck involved. Here are some of the best markets for beginners:

Matched Betting

This is the most common market in sports betting, and it is perhaps for that reason why it makes a great starting off point for beginners. Those who opt to play in this market will see themselves predicting the outcome of a match. In sports like football, this consists of win, loss, and draw, though sports like tennis only have win or lose. The simple nature of this market makes it a popular choice for both novices and veterans alike.

Double Chance

The double chance market is quite like matched betting in that players will be predicting how a match will end. Where it differs is in its selection of outcomes as players who opt to play the market will see that it is possible to cover two instead of one. This means that the chances of getting the result wrong are reduced as one more selection is covered when compared to match betting. Naturally, the odds in this market are much smaller than others and are best used as part of an accumulator.


Once beginners are ready to move into something a bit different from the other two markets, they would do well to investigate the over/under market. Instead of predicting the outcome of the match, here bettors will be guessing what will happen throughout the game, and things like cards, points, goals and much more can be covered. This market is popular with those who utilise statistics as this kind of data can help give an informed decision about what to bet on.

The growth of sports betting is soaring – something that has perhaps been sparked due to it becoming legalised in more places. Those who want to bet on teams like the Red Sox or Celtics would do well to download a betting app of their choice to immediately take part in the craze that is taking the world by storm.