Steven Wright Speaks

In case you either forgot or didn’t know, Steven Wright got arrested for domestic assault back in December. It was probably the most significant thing to happen this offseason for the Red Sox.

It wasn’t your usual domestic assault though. Wright’s lawyer says he apparently never touched his wife during an argument they had. What I had heard from before is he knocked a door down, which probably prompted the call.

Wright told reporters today the same thing: about how it was a verbal argument and no physical assault was involved.

“It’s tough because I really want to at least tell my side of the story. Because when it comes out you obviously think of the worst, but it wasn’t that bad. Especially on a personal level especially because I never touched her, that’s probably the hardest thing for me to like sit there and see people like talk about being a wife beater and all that stuff when I didn’t even make physical contact. But that’s pretty much all I’m allowed to really say right now”

MLB still can suspend Wright even though he hasn’t yet been charged guilty. Back in 2015, Aroldis Chapman had a similar charge and was never charged guilty. However still was suspended for the first 30 games of the season.

As far as Wright possibly getting suspended goes, it’s not that huge a deal with the fact that he is a depth starter. I’d say (barring injuries) the rotation is a lock right now with Sale, Price, Pomeranz, Porcello, and Erod. And I think most can agree with that.