Interested in learning more about Stiga Advantage Pro? We have the details.

This table claims to be competition-ready table tennis with the perfect playability. As good as it may sound, does it meet the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) standard for table tennis? Don’t forget, to beat the competition, you need to train with the best facilities.

Stay tuned and learn more about Stiga Advantage Pro indoor table tennis.


Like most top-rated indoor table tennis, Stiga Advantage Pro offers a standard specification required by table tennis tournaments. In other words, you can use this product to train for table tennis tournaments. Below are the specifications of the table:

  • Dimensions – 9 feet by 5 feet
  • Assembly Time – Approximately 10 minutes
  • Surface Thickness – 16mm
  • Weight – 195 lbs
  • Overall Rating – 4.5/5

Basic Features of Stiga Advantage Pro 

Before you buy indoor table tennis, there are certain attributes you need to consider. Let’s find out if Stiga Advantage Pro is a good match for you. 


It takes less than 10 minutes to set up the table. In fact, this product comes with a company’s “Quick Play” system. In other words, the table is pre assembled on arrival. So it saves you the hassle of setting up the table. 

Furthermore, with the detailed manual, you can set up Stiga Advantage Pro without little or no assistance. As a matter of fact, the setup process requires just three steps. Meanwhile, other products can take as much as 2 to 3 hours to assemble. 

If you hate complex table tennis setups, then opt for Stiga Advantage Pro.

Interestingly, you can pack this table in a “playback” mode. Therefore, you don’t necessarily need an opponent to practice or play for fun on the Stiga Advantage Pro table. 

Playing Surface

The surface thickness of an indoor table tennis table is very crucial. Apart from that, the thickness of the surface determines how long it will last too. More so, the thickness of most tables is usually between 12mm to 15mm. 

However, Stiga Advantage’s surface thickness is 16mm. This is a good choice if you want to go professional. Although it may not be thick enough for standard competition, it is good for beginners and playing for fun. 

Therefore, it is quite contradictory to Stiga’s claim that the table is ready for competition. 

For the required surface thickness for a competition, the table is from 19mm and above. Nevertheless, this is not to say that Stiga Advantage Pro surface thickness is not good enough. What’s more, it has a smooth finish and is also durable.

Legs and Undercarriage

Apart from the surface thickness of the table, their other features that you must consider. If the undercarriage and legs are not durable and strong, your table may start wobbling after some time. Similarly, the Stiga Advantage Pro is manufactured with 1.2 steel legs. 

Also, the steel tube aprons are 1.2. Besides, it has eight 3 feet caster wheels. To firmness, these caster wheels have a lock each to ensure stability. Although it appears that the legs are not as thick as other products, it still feels strong and stable. 



  • Affordable and durable
  • Easy to assemble 
  • You can fold it easily when it’s not in use
  • A good net and a post included
  • You can practice on your own by folding just one side to rebound the ball
  • Has great reviews



  • Surface thickness level not good for competitions
  • It a little bit heavier than other products
  • Maybe expensive for low budget table tennis players

Is Stiga Advantage Pro Worth it?

You can get a more in-depth understanding of the table’s pros and cons by looking at a full review like this one

In general, Stiga Advantage pro is a good product. Also, considering the various features, the price tag is worth it. What’s more, it has good ratings among players.

However, the table is quite heavy. But the playback experience has taken away most of the cons. Meanwhile, with this table tennis table, you and your friends can enjoy an optimal ping pong game. 

Finally, if you want a quality table tennis table, then opt for Stiga Advantage. It offers a unique design that allows you to switch positions easily. To crown it all, you can practice on your own with an opponent or robot. 

To sum it up, the stand and caster wheels are very strong and firm.