Buying a used car is time taking and a stressful procedure. If you have bought a stolen vehicle without knowing about its reality, then you might find yourself in big trouble. Motor vehicle theft is increasing across different states of the world. Stolen cars are sold in several different ways to innocent drivers.

If you know how to protect yourself in getting tricked by this kind of dealer, then it can save thousands of dollars.

Examining the risk factor

According to the FBI Motor vehicle theft report, around 749,000 vehicles were stolen nationwide in 2018. These stolen cars do not incorporate the sports car, as they have high-security options embedded inside their mechanism

Most of the cars that are stolen included Honda and Toyota cars. The cars like Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic are considerably easy to steal due to weak security options.

You should buy the car from a reliable customer or an authentic dealer to avoid any inconvenience. Buying a vehicle from a stranger or an unauthorized dealer will make you feel regret sooner or later.

Furthermore, you must run an online VIN check record to find out whether the used car is involved in any theft record before buying it. 

How thieves sell a stolen vehicle?

Selling a stolen car is not an easy job at all, as it involves advanced planning to make it happen. They know the tricks to capture the innocent buyers and leave no proof that can seizure them. In addition to this, if the vehicle is considered to be a stolen property by the inspection departments of the state, then the vehicle can be seized within no time.

Selling a stolen car is not an easy task. Therefore, most of the thieves sell the parts of the stolen vehicle as it is an easy way to gain profit. Through these techniques, they make themselves safe from being caught by the police department.

Way of spotting a stolen car for sale

If you know what you are looking for during car shopping, then it’s easy for you to spot the stolen car. You must consider that the car dealer you are consulting is trustworthy or not? If you are buying the car through an authorized dealer or a trustworthy individual seller, then it will make your decision reliable.

However, the risk of buying a stolen vehicle can be greater due to various online platforms and dealers available for car selling purposes. For this reason, you have to do some research to find a reliable car.

You must inspect the vehicle by checking its VIN and start matching it at each location. It is a quick and simple way to check whether the vehicle is stolen or not.

Moreover, take the vehicle to the mechanic to check whether the car is involved in any major changes or not. It will increase the probability of avoiding purchasing a stolen car.

Price negotiations of the stolen car

Most of the thieves demand a smart and relatively economical cost for a stolen car to the buyer. This is a basic trick of capturing the buyer by selling the stolen car at a relatively low cost as compared to authorized dealers.

The buyers are attracted to the low price offering for a used car without knowing its stolen record. As a result, they purchase the stolen car and get themselves in big trouble.

You must be acknowledged that if the buyer is charging you an extremely low price as compared to the market rate then the car is highly suspected in terms of its records. You must demand the legal documents from the buyer and inspect it through the brand company to check whether the car is legal to purchase or not.

These above listed basic tools will let you know whether the car is stolen or not. It is extremely important to inspect the cars before buying them to avoid any mishap in the future.