Dogs truly are the gift that keep giving, even in sports. Everyone knows you can incorporate your dog in your amatuer sports, but now you can include them in professional sports too, just like the NHL did.

According to, dogs have a whole range of health benefits. They can keep your fit and healthy, reduce your stress, help your lose weight, reduce your depression and anxiety, and improve your heart health.

With that in mind, recently the star that stole the show on the media day at the Stanley Cup Final wasn’t a hockey professional, but Sunny the dog.

Stanley Cup Final

Ask any Boston Bruins fan how excited they are about the Stanley Cup Final and they will exclaim “extremely!” Currently, on game 4, the score is 2-2 tied – there have been some incredible players to note, but none as incredible as Sunny who stole the show on the media day.

Sunny, the 18 months old dog, had fun in the interview room the day before the Cup Final began. He was interacting with players, in collaboration with NBC Sports and the Guide Dog Foundation.

Sunny brought cards with questions on them to the players to read, in return he received strokes and love – just what he loves. The media interview went down a treat and all the players really enjoyed Sunny the four-legged reporter’s company.

Not only did it help relax players during the interview, it was also very beneficial for Sunny who is learning to become a guide dog, with the Guide Dog Foundation. Guide dogs need to stay calm and collected, and experiences such as these are great for training the dogs.

The idea to bring Sunny along to the Cup Final media day came when NBC sports’ marketing department spotted Sunny at a New York Islanders game. The St. Louis Blues are amongst the National Hockey League teams with dogs who are also being trained for service.

Dogs in Sports

Dogs have such a role to play in sports, something more and more people are coming to realise. Most notably, dogs and other animals, such as cats, birds, pigs, or even llamas, can have a great impact on helping athletes.

Animal therapy is something that has helped many amatuer and professional sports players. For example, if you are a pet owner and fancy having a jogging buddy, you can take your furry friend with you and they can be a great motivation to keep going.

Whilst professional sport players can enjoy the company of friendly pooches at press conferences and media interviews, to try and take the nerve off and to make the day more memorable and different.

We love you Sunny

Whoever wins this tightly tied hockey final, will definitely have battled it out against some of the best players in the league.

Regardless of who wins and who loses, Sunny will be very proud of all the players. Because dogs really are man’s best friend. Which is exactly why more dogs need to get involved with sports.