One of the most high-profiled sports betting events that are coming to an end this year is the NFL. It started a tough season in 2020 after facing schedule adjustments because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The NFL managed to progress even with limited audiences at the venue and has now arrived at the Divisional Rounds.

With few more remaining weeks before the NFL reaches the finish line, the Super Bowl provides a variety of wonderful and weird betting games. One of these is a coin toss. Although this betting category might seem simple and no fun, this is an interesting wager to bet on, and bookies offer huge prizes at stake.

With the popularity that the Super Bowl coin toss has brought in many years, some punters have misunderstood it. To guide you on how this football betting works, here are the complete details you need to know.

Coin Toss: When And Who Flips?

The Super Bowl coin toss has two outcomes: you can either bet if it’s tails or heads. Coin toss happens before the final match-up begins. It is to identify which team will start with the football. Usually, the odds in coin toss are the same, and the payout depends on the number of bettors wagering for both choices.

The coin toss in the Super Bowl championship game happens three minutes before the showdown begins. Since 1978, a nominated personality or specific celebrity flips the coin, which takes place at the center of the field, so everyone can witness it. While simple, it also has its fair share of tiny mishaps. For example, in 2012, Curtis Martin was invited to do the coin toss, but a referee mistakenly did it for him.

Who Calls The First Choice?

Traditionally, the NFL gives the chance to call the team’s choice, such as heads to tails, depending on the Super Bowl edition. Since the NFL is celebrating the Super Bowl LV and it’s an odd number, the home team will be the one to pick. When the NFL season is an even number, it will be the guest’s chance to call the shots.

Today, the NFL is still on the Divisional rounds, and coin toss betting may not come too significant. On February 7, 2021, make sure not to miss the Super Bowl LV finale at Raymond James Stadium to participate in the coin toss betting. It is an exciting bet to play as the NFL today features more underdog winners than the favorites.

What Does Winning In Coin Toss Mean?

For many football fans, coin toss does not impact the game that much. Some might say that it doesn’t matter how the result looks as the more solid team can win. While this is true, teams and players are looking at this as an advantage. It is where a team can pick whether they’ll kick first the ball on any side of the field or wish to receive it first.

Looking into the Super Bowl coin toss history, most teams who win the flipping chooses to receive than to kick. With this, you can see that each team prefers more drive in the offensive rather than being defensive. In case the coin stands still after getting tossed, the referee calls it a mid-toss and does it again.

Is Winning in the Coin Toss Significant?

Historically, the success rate of a team in the NFL that wins in a coin toss is at 45%, while the loss rate is at 55%. By looking at these numbers, you can tell that coin toss is significant when it comes to winning the game or not. Although some may argue that coin toss has no relevance, other serious bettors are considering it carefully.

One of the many reasons other sports bettors understand the importance of coin toss results is the NFC victories from 1998-2011. The NFC groups have won fourteen consecutive Super Bowl titles after winning the coin toss.

Is There Any Value When Betting In Coin Toss?

Although Point Spread and MoneyLine generate the biggest profit in Super Bowl betting, coin toss can help you gain a big-time reward. As an esteemed sports bettor, your job is to choose the most deserving entries to win the game. At the same time, you have to make betting variations to gain more opportunities for earning.

Coin Toss happens in the prop betting games, which may come in heads or tails odds. When betting in this wagering game, you should trust your instincts. If you win, you’ll surely increase your betting profits.


The coin toss is an in-demand Super Bowl prop betting game you can gamble on. With the 2020 NFL finals coming soon, you can surely partake in the coin toss betting. Unlike other betting games, prop bets need your prediction skills. Thus, if you opt to bet on coin toss when the Super Bowl LV finals take place, pick the best side that you feel will land.