The Patriots are Loose

Opening night at the Super Bowl is the new Media Day. Both teams have an hour to speak to all the media throughout the world. They are asked questions about everything from the game to their favorite food. The Rams were first and they just seem happy to be there. I don’t see that desire they want it bad enough like the Patriots do. Jared Goff looks caught up in the moment and so does head coach Sean McVay. They were introduced individually while the Patriots were introduced as a team. Remember in Super Bowl XXXVI the Patriots started the custom of being introduced as a team.

The Patriots are ready to play on Sunday

The Patriots look loose and ready to go. Rob Gronkowski was dancing before being introduced, which could be his last time at opening night. They all seemed relaxed and not caught up in the moment. Bill Belichick was dressed in a suit proving that this is a business trip and there’s still work to do on Sunday. Devin McCourty hinted that he could retire after the Super Bowl after winning with his brother, there’s really nothing else that would top that. Brady loves the haters saying “What do we do about the haters? We love ‘em, We love them back because we don’t hate back. We appreciate it, we love them, and we wish them the best in their life.”

This is nothing new to this Patriots team which gives them the edge. Also, this is a home game for them. Tom Brady got the biggest ovation from the crowd and Jared Goff looked nervous sitting right next to him. Brady wasn’t about to give Goff any advice for being in his first Super Bowl. Goff was only seven when the Patriots won back in 2002. Aquib Talib and Tom Brady joked about when Talib was in at receiver one time during practice.

The Patriots don’t care too much what people think or say. They just show up and perform on the field on Sunday. But the Rams look uptight while the Patriots look loose and ready to go.