Patriots versus Chiefs felt like a playoff atmosphere

That Sunday night had the feel of a playoff game. 83 points were scored between the two teams. Going into the game, you knew it was going to be high scoring. Patrick Mahomes let the inexperience get to him in the first half throwing two interceptions. However, the Patriots defense fell asleep and connected with Tyreek Hill for a 75 yard touchdown with time winding down in the fourth quarter. The game looked over at halftime the score was 24-9 and the Kansas City defense couldn’t stop the Patriots in the running game or the passing game.

The Patriots could host the Chiefs in the playoffs

According to NFL Research, the Patriots have won 88 straight games when leading by 14+ points at halftime. In the second half, the first time the Chiefs had the ball, Mahomes would find Kareem Hunt for the 67 yard touchdown. It’s like the Patriots defense fell asleep for the entire second half. Even on the Chiefs side, the Patriots were moving the ball all over the place and that defense couldn’t stop it. Mahomes is the real deal though and will be a special player for years to come. The strip sack by Brady to put the Chiefs right back into the game is something we don’t see from Brady.

The Chiefs scored too quickly even Brady said it after the game. “I think, I’m glad when he was running — Tyreek was running to score — I said, ‘Good, score quick.’ Because then we had enough time.” Really Mahomes will learn from that and move the ball down the field as Brady did. Three minutes is too long to give Brady enough time to move the ball and score. Nice win for the Patriots though when they meet again in the playoffs the game will be in Foxborough.

The Hightower interception was perfect and he read Mahomes perfectly on that play. The Patriots did a good job at getting to Mahomes in the first half. Then Mahomes found his quick release in the second and started making plays for the Chiefs. Overall, a great game and I can’t wait for these two to meet again in the playoffs.