Its twenty 1st century, we have landed on Mars and tech knowledge and gadgets are becoming a habit today. time for sport is getting less and indoor games are getting more in demand which includes basic computer games, especially for teenagers. Bobblehead boy giving us a new tech time too.

Why sport is a necessity? Do we have to live only poking our heads and not give a healthy life to our environment?

Bobblehead boy is a teen spiritship in which many sports are dealt with. One person is renowned for its uniqueness and so on is bobblehead representation. Nowadays people love to deal with robotics. Bobbleheadboy is a superhero in our life. our parents can be a superhero. Similarly, any person can be . to become a superhero one has to be healthy and wise.sports deal in this way great way

Sports activity is necessary for everyone in every age in today’s machine epic time. Especially a teenager is considered more at hype when a sports call comes in front. It’s not only necessary for her health but also very technical in mind development. Either its girl or boy, both need sports activity in order to flourish happily and healthy.

Sports here mean a physical game like cricket, badminton, football or any activity which involves physique in it.

Healthy factors which we should keep in mind for teenager sport:

1.    No Acne!!          It takes away the pimples or acne which ruin a beauty. Pimples come due to access to oil in our glands and when we run or play it is moved fast and while playing drink a lot of water which makes it more healthy a great fat burner.

2.    No headache!!             It doesn’t give stress. A bobblehead boy representation for a stress-free life. When sitting inside idle or playing computer games, the headache comes or even idle way …lots of pain comes in mind. this is the age when we think too much plus our emotions are at an extreme. In order to control emotions, we need to mend mind physically but also involved in a healthy activity which makes us happy and keeps us satisfied at the time.

3.    No depression!!       It gives tiresome activity which gives a sound sleep means no time for thinking and depression goes far away. Today depression is very highly seen in teenager which is ruining their future. All due to no activity outside in the playground but an only activity which gives headache and tired action.

4.    More friends!!                   we go outside,  we tend to meet more people, this way more friends will come to town. Friends circle will increase making problems less and uniting together heads will derive up the high intensity of love and care.

5.    More Smarter!!             It is not odd to say that it gives mind boosting power. when we exercise it moves all glands and our mind gets active too. Mind tricks get active that’s how we get smarter. As, in sports activity, blood flow increases making us tidy and smarter.

6.    Sportsmanship!!           While playing sports in groups, more spirit arises that’s how sportsmanship comes in front. Teenage start learning defeat and winning power in life which becomes lead later on in the life cycle and makes a motto for kids to come in front to give life a little thrilling exercise making strong minds.

7.    College spirit!!          This sport in high school leads to college spiritship which leads no fights any big troubles. Students get peaceful and understanding and making their own identity.

8.    More workability!!         While playing hard gives more stamina to workability. More work is done in the future. more health comes mentally and physically.

Life is not a bed of roses that we think or imagine and we will get that instead we all are in need of some social activity and social efforts to cut in front of odd thoughts. People tend to get more into trouble if proper work is not there or proper activities are not adopted. Mental sickness is causing deaths. For teenagers – a bobblehead boy when anxiety becomes the issue it gives rise to mental sickness and the kid becomes a psychiatric patient later he adopts suicide to avoid a social tantrum. If you want your kids or you yourself are teen and you reading it then go and have a boost in physical activity that gives you life insurance to stay happy and healthy. keep all other factors aside and run a mile daily in the morning and afterward go to school or college that’s how life can be sustained and maintained.

If you think you will have high technology gadgets and high life but no physical activity like sports then life is a mess. Bobblehead boy sorts it all.  Life will go through easily unless you bump your head into the wall to have some chill will.

Teenagers are more vulnerable to work for ethics and strength and that’s possible only by sportsmanship and hard work in physical activity which might help in mental exercises of anxiety and high emotions.

Teenagers get angrier as a result in a society where there are less education and awareness is nill they don’t play that often making a living hell and people tend more towards emotions like love or so. People get attached in this live session a lot and as a result, they feel isolated if the attached person is not concerned later. This leads to high isolation and depression and tension rises. people fight for this cause of love and want to attain their love or lost love. if they fail they tend to commit suicide too and this becomes very rare that such a person gets saved healthily . their confidence is shattered as a result all of the factors make life terrible. To avoid and to reach such a point, before that we have to adopt precautions/safety of sports. We have to inculcate in our teenagers of awareness or of well being or the importance of sports to make our society healthy, wealthy and wise.!!