If ever bodybuilders discovered a top-of-tops SARM, then RAD140 is the one. SARMs are chemical compounds that act in particular ways once inside a user’s body. They trigger muscle and bone development while leaving other biological processes intact. If you were to sum-up the behavior of these compounds, you would coin a suitable phrase, more results, few side effects.

The RAD140 review you are just about to read unpacks vital information about this drug that also goes by the name Testolone. Perhaps you had tried using steroids before and had a nasty experience. Luckily, SARMs work differently; no wonder athletes and bodybuilders have developed such a keen interest.

Effects of using Testolone RAD140

Whether you opt to use RAD140 as a standalone SARM or stack with others, you will have outstanding results. Some of the effects include:

∙        Strength: RAD140 increases your strength, and you can tell judging by how lifting weights becomes easier. By the time your cycle gets to the second week, you begin to feel this effect.

∙        Great feeling: Thanks to Testolone, you no longer feel lethargic, and begin to enjoy each workout. Generally, there are no mood-swings, plus you feel great.

∙        Lean muscles: Muscle gains from experimenting with RAD140 are hard with high pumps.

∙        Brain protection: Testolone not only promotes brain cells development but also helps prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

∙        Fat loss: Despite not being a SARM for losing fat, once you are on RAD140, you begin to notice fat shrinkage mostly in the gut region.

Testolone Dosage

Following the lack of research on the human effect of RAD140, there is no standard RAD140 dosage. Experienced bodybuilders have, however, recommended 10-30mg per day. In the case of women, yours scales down to 5-10mg per day.

A typical cycle should last for eight to twelve weeks. As a veteran, you can tailor the intake depending on your body responses. To be on the safe side, find someone, probably a medic, who understands cell physiology. They can assist you with dosage and the timing of cycles.

We need to add here that RAD140 is a potent drug; you should not use a high dosage at the onset. On a milligram to milligram basis, Testolone is perhaps stronger than other SARMs. Nonetheless, its half-life is around 15-20 hours. You can take it once a day and be safe from a potential overdose.

Owing to its potency, users recommend that you do not go beyond 20mg/day. You can choose to have your full dose once before bedtime or divide it into two. In case you would like to have a longer cycle, you should reduce the dose. You can read more about Testolone RAD-140’s dosage if you click here.

What to expect

Unlike steroids, Testolone will not cause you nightmarish side effects. RAD140 only targets bones and muscle. As is typical of SARMs, it avoids organs such as the brain, prostate, and liver. Also, non-conversion to estrogen means that there is no risk of gynecomastia.

Rad140 results may begin to manifest from two to three weeks down the line. You will notice changes in composure. Increase in strength that causes you to pack more muscle is another expectation. In about a month, muscle gains become visible. There is no stopping now as muscle mass increases from 10-15lbs.

Besides, you begin to notice that your focus improves with fantastic mental clarity. In the early stages, you might become a little aggressive and irritable. If this happens, you only need to control it by managing your doses.

Testolone makes your muscles look more defined than before. You will notice that they not only look bigger but also harden. By the eighth week, the muscles feel dry meaning they longer retain water. Fat loss is evident from your outward body appearance, especially in the traps and torso.

One RAD140 review noted that the drug had effects similar to those brought about by steroids. Users experience noticeable muscle mass increase, coupled with a build-up of strength. At the same time, you lose fat as the body builds muscle.

Side effects

If you have used other Testosterone-related enhancement drugs, the results you felt are similar to those from RAD140. However, in the latter case, these will be mild. Possible side effects include:

∙        Irritability

∙        Headaches

∙        Muscle cramps

∙        Tenderness of the breasts, in male bodybuilders

∙        Women may have abnormal hair growth

∙        Hair loss in men

∙        Vomiting and nausea

Going by the list above, you will notice that these are all testosterone-related. You might need a PCT (Post-Cycle Therapy) to wear off the effects of RAD140, but this is at the tail end of your cycle. However, this RAD140 review acknowledges that there are no clear-cut clinical evaluations on the effects.

On the other hand, clinical studies suggest that SARMs can suppress your body’s ability to produce testosterone. RAD140 has the potential to shut down the production of testosterone and allow a build-up of estrogen. If the aforesaid happens, you could feel tired, depressed, and have a low sex drive. However, the degree of suppression varies depending on the user’s body and dosage patterns.

Testosterone can potentially harm the prostate gland. The hormone causes prostate enlargement increasing the risk of cancer. Nevertheless, RAD140 does not affect prostate size, but research is still underway.

RAD140 vs. Ostarine

i.                   RAD140

Comparing RAD140 vs. Ostarine gives us useful insights on the potency of these two drugs. RAD140 is stronger than Ostarine. You start experiencing gains from the third or fourth week. However, on a strength-to-strength basis, Ostarine cannot come any close to RAD140. As a beginner, you should not use RAD140. You better choose the milder Ostarine.

ii.                 Ostarine

On its part, Ostarine has extensive experimentation, plus scientists have conducted numerous trials on humans. MK-2866 (Ostarine). Bodybuilders love experimenting with MK-2866 for its mildness. Besides, it has no side effects. On the other hand, if you are cutting but would not like to lose muscle, Ostarine comes in handy.

Summary comparison table

RAD140 (Testolone)OSTARINE (MK-2866)
Highly potent SARMMild SARM
Is a muscle builderPreferred for cutting
Relatively young SARMMost researched SARM