You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that almost all residents of Boston are mad about sports. Many outstanding teams of all US professional sports leagues are based in Boston. It is one of the greatest sports cities in the US, and the passion of its citizens for sports is overwhelming — it is manifested in its every nook and cranny.

Bright billboards on huge stadiums are advertising sports events. In many shops, you can see a wide variety of sports equipment with emblems of local professional sports clubs and names of famous players.

The most beloved sports in the US are baseball, ice hockey, basketball, and football (not soccer). Those four sports are presented by the four world-famous Boston sports clubs, and you can read about them in this article. Also, you can use a professional writer service to order a paper on this topic.


Being the best NBA club, Boston Celtics is the most titled basketball team of Massachusetts that has eighteen (!) NBA championship titles. Its history began in 1948 when the Club had to survive in the first and most difficult years of the US National Basketball Association. From the very beginning, the Celtics have been dedicated to winning, so it’s not surprising that the team has been dominating in the Eastern States for almost all the years since the foundation, with a few exceptions.

The success of the team is associated with Arnold Auerbach (Red), who was not only a coach but also a team agent and manager. The Celtics were awarded their first title in the 1957–1958 season by winning the final series of matches with the St. Louis Hawkes. Red’s brother, Zach Auerbach, a cartoon artist, has created a logo for the Club — a leprechaun with a cane. It was his personal present to the team to mark their first victory.

In 1978, Larry Bird, one of the most reputable players of the team, joined the Celtics. At the same time, Red Auerbach constantly disputed with the new team owner, John Brown, who used to interfere with the training process, making wrong decisions. Sports fans who adored the team creator protested against the new president’s policy. And, as a result, Brown could not stand such pressure and sold the club.

New success to the Celtics came in 1983. During four seasons, the Club participated in the NBA final matches. The team won the championships in 1984 and 1986, and Larry Bird was nominated as the best NBA professional player. However, on a par with the outstanding achievements, the Club also had fizzling years. In 1995, the Club moved from the legendary Boston Garden to the Fleet Center. Regardless, it did not bring new victories. During the years 1996 and 1997, the Celtics managed to win only 15 times during the championship.

In 2002, the team entered playoffs for the 1st time in 7 years. The Celtics defeated both Detroit and Philadelphia teams but lost to New Jersey Nets. The 2006–2007 season began with a tragedy — the legend, Red Auerbach, passed away. The whole team played with distinctive patches on their uniforms in memory of their deceased coach. During that season, the team was defeated 19 times in a row.

Incredibly enough, but in the next season, Boston Celtics conquered Los Angeles Lakers by the results of six matches in the finals and became the champions for the seventeenth time. Now, the team is undergoing a process of “rejuvenation,” and the club may well count on the highest ranks in championships.


It is hardly possible to find a state resident who could not call themselves a fan of this Club. If the Boston Celtics team is the most award-winning in the state, then the Red Sox baseball team, which won in seven finals of MBL, can be called the most famous team in Massachusetts. Boston Red Sox is a club of professional baseball players, founded in 1901 along with other eight teams that formed the US Major League Baseball. The Club participated in 12 World Series and won 8 of them.

The enthusiasts of this team can be found all across the USA: from Maine, whose residents always considered the Red Sox their favorite team and every weekend fill the stands of Fenway Park, where the Red Sox games usually take place, to the West Coast, where Boston Red Sox fans have long united in sports societies. Also, the Red Sox brand is known in every country where baseball is popular.

Red Sox won the match with Pittsburgh Pirates in 1903 in the first World Series and came out victorious during the following four championships up to 1918. But then, the team was affected by one of the most extended series of consecutive failures in baseball history, also called “The Curse of Bambino.” Red Sox were not able to win the World Series for 86 years, well until 2004. However, the team was not forsaken by their fans in this period.

During that time, this Sports Club used to get to the finals of World Series 4 times, and the notorious losing streak of the team players became known as “Mad Dash” of Enos Slaughter in 1946, a home run of Carlton Fisk in 1975, and an error of Bill Buckner in 1986. The “curse” has been broken in 2004 by the team’s victory over the St. Louis Cardinals. Then, the Red Sox Club was the first in the World Series in the years 2007 and 2013.

Boston Red Sox is owned by the Fenway Sports Group, which also possesses Liverpool, the British Football Club that plays in the Premier League.


This famous ice hockey team was established in 1924. Among American clubs of this sport, this professional team with six Stanley Cups is second after Detroit Red Wings according to the number of the most valued trophies. Today, it is considered one of the most consistent teams of the East Coast, and it is regularly entering the playoffs during championships.

Success came to the Bruins in 1929. Thanks to the fantastic game of their goalkeeper Tiny Thompson, the team got the Stanley Cup for the first time, having defeated New York Rangers in the final match. Then, the team was victorious in the American division five times in nine years.

The Bruins got the second Stanley Cup in 1939, also thanks to their goalkeeper. That time, Frank Brimsek (or “Mr. Zero”) brought the team to the victory. The striker Mel Hill, who was nicknamed “Sudden Death,” also demonstrated brilliant skills. In 1941, the Club took its third Stanley Cup by a shutout victory over the Detroit team. In the 1950s, the Bruins took places in the middle of tournament tables. In the 1960s, they didn’t even reach the playoffs once and finished last six times in the regular championships.

After that, thanks to the efforts of the team’s coach, Harry Sinden, and great players like Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito, the Boston Bruins won their fourth Stanley Cup, having conquered the St. Louis team in 1970. When The World Hockey Association was created in 1972, this event crossed out the plans of the club managers — several leading players abandoned the Club and switched to a new league. Also, the injury of Esposito had robbed the team of its main sniper.

However, Boston Bruins did not lose its position among the NHL leaders, and the team repeatedly got to the Stanley Cup finals in the next years. The team’s coach, Don Cherry, made a significant contribution to the team’s success at that time. He managed to create an efficient team without in-game super players.

After that, the coaches changed quite often, but the team’s purpose remained the same — to win the Stanley Cup again.

In the 2008–2009 season, the Bruins were superior in 17 out of 20 matches and heralding the revival of the famous “Big Bad Bruins” of the past. So, in the years 2010–2011, Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup for the first time after the year 1972. It also happened in the Fenway Park, the home place of Boston Red Sox.


The New England Patriots Club presents one of the most known national teams playing American football. Formerly, it was called the Boston Patriots. It was organized in 1959, and it has not been able to reach the top positions for many years in a row. Only when its current owner, Robert Kraft, bought the team in 1994, the Patriots unleashed their true potential — the team won three Super Bowls in just 4 years.

Thanks to Tom Brady, their quarterback, Patriots became the 2nd team in the NFL history after Dallas Cowboys, having taken three Super Bowls in 4 years, and the eighth team, having won the two biggest prizes between years 2000 and 2005. Also, the Patriots made the longest winning series in the history of the NFL with 21 victories in the years 2004—2005. With all those achievements, the team was just getting started. They were awarded the Super Bowl again 10 years later.

In 2017, the team was ranked first in the Super Bowl Tournament in Houston. The Club became the champion of the National Football League for the fifth time. Their quarterback, Tom Brady, was recognized as the most valuable player — he was awarded the fifth NFL champion ring.

In 2018, the team entered the Super Bowl for the 10th time in its history. This sports event took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and ended with the victory of Philadelphia Eagles. In February 2019, the Patriots played in the 4th Super Bowl in five seasons. The match has finished with the team’s win and the sixth champion title. After that, Julian Edelman has been acknowledged as the best football player.

Other Boston Sports Teams

Well, several other sports teams playing in both major and premier leagues are actually based in Boston. Those include New England Revolution (soccer), Boston Breakers (women’s soccer), and three rugby clubs — Boston Irish Wolfhounds, Boston RFC, and Mystic River Rugby Club. Apart from professional teams, many student sports clubs successfully represent their institutions on the national arena and abroad.