The world of horse racing brings so much fun to every horse racing enthusiasts across the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re expecting for a big race or not, this type of activity brings so much fun and enjoyment especially to horse racing fans.

On the other hand, while a lot of people loves this kind of sport, some may still in doubt if horse racing is a kind of activity they would like to love. As most of us have known, big horse racing events such as Kentucky Derby, Pegasus World Cup, and Breeder’s Cup are some of the world’s prestigious horse racing event everyone partakes.

So, while you are on the process of asking yourself if a horse racing event would be something you would like to embrace and watch, let’s take a look onto the best reasons why watching and experiencing a horse racing show must be for you.

It’s A Party

It is inevitable that everyone loves to go to a party and have fun. This is not a literal party where lights and drinks are present, but it’s a party of world-renowned jockeys and world racers like other sports have.

Some horse racing events like Breeder’s Cup, this event entails a combination of friends going out to try the best-flavored cocktails. You will be able to experience a unique type of sports at the same time you may emerge as money maker through wise betting and wagering for best horse racing entries.

The Affordability 

While it is true that sometimes if a horse racing event is big it’s quite expensive. For some who are on the mature side of making that dicey money turning in to a great investment, a horse racing event is an affordable way of earning a profit.

Besides, attending in an NFL Tournament or NBA Championship costs a lot more than experiencing and watching a horse racing show. Lastly, if you are a wise gambler and studies a lot about the predictions and possible odds of every entry before betting, surely you can walk away and feel like a big winner who made a big money out of an affordable bet.

A Full Entertainment Experience 

Kenny Mayne, a famous ESPN Sports TV Anchor once shared that he started going and experience horse racing activities as early as nine years old. He also stated that since then he can still remember the entertainment and the memories he earned during his childhood.

This is why horse racing events like Breeder’s Cup is something that you should love because just like other sports it offers full of action and excitement. There is an unparalleled experience of sports and adventure that a horse racing event can offer.

It’s Going Digital 

To embrace and meet the modern world and America’s oldest sports which is the horse racing is something you might love. Take note that just like any other sports, horse racing also embraced the digital and modernized world.

Furthermore, betting in a horse racing event can be done online as there are already many websites that offer to bet with the use of your internet and a tap of your smartphone. It also embraces the wide coverage of social media in approximately three-fourths of the world’s population is in it.

The Parade of Stars 

A lot of celebrities love horse racing tournaments. Some of the famous Hollywood celebrities like Tom Brady, champion athletes like Oscar De La Hoya and Michael Phelps are usually present in all horse racing shows.

Furthermore, there are also plenty of models like Lily Aldridge of Victoria Secret, actress Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks, and runway fashion model Kate Upton. This is one of the reasons why you have to love a horse racing show.

The Destination Cities

Who does not love traveling? Most horse racing events may it be a big or small tournament, are all held in America’s iconic and famous sporting places. Some of these cities include Los Angeles, Lexington, Baltimore, New Orleans, Louisville, Miami, and Santa Anita.

Additionally, these cities are famous because most world’s best sporting events are held here. These cities do not only offer a great sporting location but it also gives out the best tourist spots everyone is rooting to experience and visit.


Embracing a horse racing event is a unique way of diving into a world of sports. Some may say that it’s a plain and boring sport to take, but for people who want an affordable, classy, and money-making entertainment, horse racing is incredibly interesting.

Thus, if you are someone who’s still in doubt of embracing a horse racing event as a sport, the answers enumerated above will surely lead you to welcome Kentucky Derby, smooch the Pegasus World Cup, and Breeders’ Cup Odds and Picks without any hesitation at all.

Featured Image by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash