When Michael Chavis stepped up to the plate Saturday in his major league debut against Jose Alvarado, an excitement came over Red Sox nation.

Rafael Devers was the last big Red Sox prospect to make his debut, and that came almost two years ago. Even before then, it had been a few years since the debuts of Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts. Then even further back in Clay Buchholz and Will Middlebrooks. The point being, we don’t usually get to see too many prospects come through the system and actually make the big leagues in Boston.

When you play in a win-now market like Boston, it doesn’t matter how highly the team regards you as a prospect. If you can be traded to make the team better now, you almost certainly will be. This is why this excitement is felt by Sox fans. We’re finally getting to see the fruits of our labor, after years of building towards it.

Sure Chavis has had his ups and down in the minor leagues since he was drafted in 2014. From injuries to suspensions, he’s seen all the peaks and valleys of being a pro baseball player. All these things are just elements that Michael has used to make himself stronger. He’s worked on becoming a more disciplined hitter at the plate. His Walk Percentage has gone up every single year since 2015, while his Strikeout Percentage has gone down early on in 2019.

It’s exciting to finally have a prospect we can hold onto. Usually these kids are just the next name involved in a blockbuster trade. Yet Chavis seems like he’s here to stay.

His Path to the Big Leagues

Not only is here to stay, but he may have found himself a starting gig. Before, the issue was the roadblock of Rafael Devers at third base. However, Chavis has moved his way over to second base. His defense has been above average thus far, and he looks like he could have a future at the position.

With Dustin Pedroia‘s knee flaring up again, he can’t be counted on for consistent at-bats at this point in his career. Eduardo Nunez also recently hit the IL. Even before that, he was struggling to the tune of a .159 batting average with just one walk. Brock Holt is an average defender and can hit the ball, but he doesn’t bring anything to the table as far as elevating the lineup goes.

Chavis does. This kid has the potential to hit 20-30 bombs a year in this league. His swing is so pure. He is so smart at the plate, which could also lead to him hitting close to .300 or higher. The ceiling for Chavis is sky high, and the opportunity has presented itself at the perfect time for both parties.

The Red Sox need some to fill in at second base, be it temporarily or long term. Chavis felt he was ready to take the next step, and the hole at second opened up. He’s swung the bat well so far in the big leagues. He’s had a couple of great swings and another good plate appearance that led to a walk.

If he continues to succeed at this level, it doesn’t matter when Pedroia, Nunez or Holt comes back. Chavis will have earned this job for now, and for the future.