Horses- these magnificent animals have played a massive role in our lives as humans and will continue to do so. It is a thing of a wonder that such a resilient and incredibly strong animal could be tamed to the point that it will never intentionally do any harm to any human.

Horses and humans have shared a blissful and rewarding history.  I say rewarding both for the horses and the owners. 

Horses in the past have suffered in the wild from several diseases and droughts until humans started adopting and taking care of them….! And in return they act as a very good medium of transportation.

But humans have had an even more rewarding bargain out of their relationship with these outstanding beast. I’m sure you are wondering, how have we gained more? 

Well, we have gained more, in terms of horse racing. This type of racing is very different from any type of racing, and here are some reasons why:

1. It requires an intimate bond and connection between rider and horse

2. Unlike other races between humans and machines, this involves both the horse and the rider feeling exhilarated after the race.

3. It is always an exceptional sensation to watch, both for participants and fans alike.

For more information on horse racing, see the infographic published by Umbingo.