I was in attendance with a packed house full of fans from both teams on Sunday’s 5-4 comeback win against the New York Yankees. The atmosphere was electric.

Both Masahiro Tanaka and David Price looked good in the beginning, which led to chatter from both fans. After Mookie Betts hit a solo shot over the monster in the 5th inning, Sox fans had plenty to celebrate. After the 4-run 7th inning, Yankee fans tried to get a ” Let’s go Yankees” chant. But, the Sox fans quickly overwhelmed them.

Late Game Emotions

The crowd got a little thinner after the 8th inning ended. The families with small children left early, as expected. By the time the top of the 9th ended, more red seats were open and empty. As the large group of fans watched with our rally caps, laughing at the New York fans with their Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez jerseys on, we witnessed yet again why you should never count this team out.

The stadium erupted throughout the bottom half of the inning, with Yankee fans jolted back down in their seats with anger, sadness, and disappointment. Someone once said, “Anything goes in extra innings.” The 10th inning did not disappoint. After the walk-off single other than Andrew Benintendi, the crown went nuts. It felt like the stadium was shaking. The adrenaline was pumping through everyone. The remaining Yankee fans left in flurries towards the gates.

A Memorable Walk Down Lansdowne

The victory walk around the park and the streets of Boston was great. The energy felt with hundreds of fans sharing the same emotions is something that will stick with me forever. This team is something special.

During the come from behind victory on Sunday night, the fans were more connected and in unity than they have been in quite some time.

Over the numerous amount of games that I’ve attended over the years, this one felt like a prelude to the World Series. Over the entire night, you could feel something special. This is what professional sports are all about. There was nothing political or anything else getting in the way – just an escape from the world we live in. Even if only for a couple of hours, the feeling was that no matter what Red Sox jerseys were being sported, the crowd was in unison.