The young third baseman has been exceptional since his debut, but there is one thing holding him back.

Since his major league debut, Rafael Devers has shown the league his raw power, ability to spray the ball to either side of the field, and make some amazing catches at the hot corner. There’s always been a hole in his game, his arm. He showed this again last night, a throwing error on an easy toss to Mitch Moreland at first. This was his 20th error on the season. A show of display Red Sox fans have grown to see time and time again.

Since this is a glaring hole in bis game, what is the course of action? If you believe the trade rumors, a trade is not the answer. The real people who can answer this is manager Alex Cora and his team of coaches and staff to determine this. Since he hasn’t been in the league for a full season yet, he has plenty of room to grow and blossom to one of the league’s next big superstar.

Since he entered the league, he has drawn comparisons like: Mike Moustakas, Adrian Beltre, and a shorter Freddie Freeman. Just like with every great player, development is key. He is still only 21 years old with a lot of time to harness his skills and become better.

Since entering the league, he has 34 errors, with 18 of those coming from his erratic arm. There have been plenty of players with this issue in the past, this can be turned around hopefully soon. For his skill set and age, Rafael Deversis on a good pace to help this young core of Red Sox for years to come, it’s only a matter of time until something sticks to help him.

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