If you are a sports fan, you have probably noticed that mainstream sports clubs are opening esports teams. Is this something that every franchise should be doing? The answer is probably. After all, we are all casually engaging in esports betting already. Trusted websites as https://dota2-bets.com/ provide us with the opportunities to place a flutter.

Yet, sports teams look for something more when tapping the potential of esports. They realize its immense potential and the fact that younger generations are willing to engage with sports and esports. For many, tapping esports is a way to get their brand name out there and perhaps bring more youngsters to traditional sports. In any event, here are several reasons why sports franchises are opting into esports.

1. Attracting Younger Generations

One of the biggest reasons why so many sporting teams are turning to esports is simple – target younger audiences. Yet, this is not the dying breath of the sports industry, rather it’s the smart channelization of audiences that could have an interest in traditional sports.

To see why this is the case, just consider the fact that soccer clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, and Manchester City all have esports teams, and they are rather happy with supporting them.

Paris Saint-Germain has won multiple distinctions, and specifically in Dota 2, one of the world’s hardest and most challenging competitive video games. This has increased brand awareness better than any campaign could have done. 

2. Creating New Generations of Products 

By exploring esports, mainstream sporting organizations, teams and institutions are able to develop new formats and new products that will appeal to those new generations of audiences. After all, the trick is not to sell esports fans on sports but to show them why their favorite brand can be successful in more than just esports.

Paris Saint-Germain has reported younger audiences tuning in to watch the team play soccer after the team’s numerous Dota 2 successes over the past year. This just goes to show that conversions, audience retention and reaching out to new viewers and fans is quite possible, and not least thanks to esports! 

3. Exploring the Similarities

Believe it or not, to be a successful NFL player takes more or less the same level of commitment as it takes to be the world’s best StarCraft player. Anyone who denies that has not tried to do either. 

Because of this similarity between sports and esports, many mainstream sporting franchises have decided to give the industry a shot. In fact, many sports athletes are showing interest in competitive esports. The grit and determination they have developed as part of their sporting careers make them strong esports competitors too.