While struggling offensively for what seems like forever, the once touted college prospect in Jackie Bradley Jr. has had an interesting career thus far. How much longer will JBJ be a red sox?

In college, Jackie Bradley jr was known already for stellar defense, bit his offensive prowess stood out. In his 172 game career with the South Carolina Gamecocks, he had a .331 average with 30 homeruns and 133 rbis to go along with 17 stolen bases and 218 hits. Then he was the 40th pick in the mlb draft.

He has had these stints before. Then sent down to Pawtucket to fix things, then get called back up. He has no more options at this point. It passes one to think of the only option remaining. Trade him.

It’s really that simple. If you cannot help him through different coaches, support, and training it will remain difficult in the long haul. What is a player with his ” potential” and more importantly defensive skill set worth? This can go down one or two ways. There could be a trade involving him for a pitcher/prospect package due to his cheap salary. ( $6.1 million) While having two more years of arbitration before becoming an unrestricted free agent.

The other option would to essentially ” fire sale” him and get the best offer on the market. This is the least likely to happen, due to the fact that he has some skill set viable to the teams success. While this leaves a gap within the outfield, there are other replacements that the team could look at any time.

Regardless of what happens, Jackie has glaring issues that does not deem a contract extension of the ” lucrative” side. With guys like Mookie Betts, and Chris Sale still awaiting a payday, Bradley jr. is going to have to wait a little longer.