For those that don’t know, a free agent is an unrestricted player that has terminated a contract with a certain team and therefore they are free to sign with any other party. While the market is fraught with information on free agents, very often it is sportsbooks and odds makers that provide, not only the best information but also an opportunity for fans to get in on the action before the season actually begins.  Although these players are also a part of the baseball draft, they are able to negotiate freely with any team and make their own decisions of which one they want to sign with and also determine how many seasons their contract will last for.

Like many other baseball teams, the Detroit Tigers have made numerous decisions regarding the wellbeing of their team. Among these decisions they have decided to make major changes in their team that also involve hiring free agent players. For this same reason, the following season remains an enigma, given that fans don’t know which free agent players the Tigers going to pick.  A number of legal gambling sites in Michigan have postured guesses as to how the team is going to react to this seasons free agency but there are still too many questions for the most devoted fans.

The one thing that people do know is that the Tigers are searching for numerous ways to improve their teams throughout their players and therefore, hiring free agents is only the first part of the strategy. With this improvement in mind, there are a couple of factors that the Detroit Tigers focus on when hiring a new free agent player and possibly some inside tips for fans that like to work the odds across reputable sportsbook websites in Michigan.

The Priority is Always the Pitch

If there is something that a baseball team is always looking for is a pitcher that stands out. Having a good pitcher in your team can make a difference throughout the season. It is, after all, these players, that can get the entire team to the playoffs. Although there are numerous qualities that are searched in players as they are hired in the team, adding a pitcher or even more than one, can cause a tremendous impact on the entire team. For fans that are playing the odds a safe bet is always to steer towards the free agent pitchers that are available.  More times than not, this is where the payoff lies.  If the main focus is the wellbeing of the team and a major improvement on the overall season, the Tigers need to search for a strong pitcher.

Low Risk Signing

Although there are a couple of efficient moves that the Tigers have done when it comes to hiring players, there are also certain hires that haven’t paid off as they expected them to. These hires are known as “low risk signing” and they are a huge red flag for the gambling community.

These situations refer to hiring a player that causes no risk on the team, but in the same way it disappoints a lot of fans given that this isn’t going to be a star player that offers high rewards for the team. Although the Detroit Tigers are constantly looking for top-notch players, they might often feel the voids with “low risk signing” free agents in order to avoid any exposure or uncertainty. It is true that hires also depend on injuries, the popularity of the free agent players, or even other factors, but something that is constantly considered when hiring a new player is that they aren’t a risk for the team.