One of the things you must consider before playing in an online casino is the banking options that the establishment offers. You should be able to make deposits and withdrawals safely, painlessly, and quickly at your pay by mobile casino. The best internet pay by mobile casinos typically feature a long list of banking options. This allows gaming lovers to pick the one they find most convenient for you. For example, maybe you’d like to play at the casino where you can pay by phone bill. While there are many banking options available, some tend to stand out as quicker and as safer than the others. Let us explore the top five of the safest online casino payment methods below.

1. Visa

Visa has become a standard mode of payment in a majority of reputable casinos. It comes as no surprise because this card is one of the most convenient and trusted payment methods, especially in Europe. Visa allows gambling enthusiasts to make instant deposits, whether you want to play roulette, slots, baccarat, or anything else.

Additionally, it also facilitates quick withdrawals after you have earned some winnings. Seeing that Visa is among the top payment providers worldwide, users can be assured the company takes security concerns very seriously. Visa has some of the most highly developed security features and is constantly working on new ones to boost security.


  • Visa has a global reach, so you can use it anywhere in the world.
  • It has a reputation of taking strict actions against fraudulent activities; thus, you can feel safe using it.
  • High rollers can use Visa to deposit large amounts at their preferred casino.
  • Almost all online casinos accept Visa, implying that you will not have a hard time identifying a casino that lists this in their cashier section.


  • Visa demands upfront fees while you are depositing funds using this method.
  • Some casinos only accept the use of Visa for deposits and not withdrawals.

2. PayPal

Many internet casinos also offer e-wallet systems as part of their banking options. One of the most popular and secure ones is PayPal. Given the popularity of this payment system with more than 200 million users, you can be sure that you will find it in some of the biggest online casinos in the UK. There are different ways you can use PayPal to complete your transactions. These include using a digital wallet, access card, app, and

PayPal usually approves gambling merchants to use the system in places where gambling activities are legal.


  • PayPal allows you to make payments from your mobile device if you are using the digital wallet option.
  • When using PayPal, you can relax knowing that your financial information is not accessible to the gambling operator.
  • You can start playing instantly when using PayPal because deposits in most gambling sites are instant.
  • PayPal is easy and convenient to use because you do not need to enter long digit card numbers.


  • Transaction fees. PayPal charges users a small fee when you use it for money transfer.
  • Some people also complain that registering and setting up a new account with PayPal can be quite burdensome.

3. Neteller

Neteller is another global payment system that is acceptable in almost all online casinos. Many gamers like to use this method because it guarantees both reliability and safety. The company specialises in transactions to and from online gaming establishments. It handles different types of currencies from across the globe. You can use your Neteller account to make deposits, top up your balance, or make withdrawals at your favourite betting sites. The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) has authorised Neteller, and the organisation is committed to the highest security standards so that users never have to deal with safety issues.


  • Neteller offers discretion and privacy where you do not have to reveal banking details to the casino.
  • It is easy and quick to use with a simple interface that even first-time users can understand without any major challenges.
  • Speedy deposits and withdrawals.
  • Professional customer service is available round the clock.
  • Availability of reward points for every transaction you make.


  • The only disadvantage that Neteller users face is the fact that they have to pay a fee that ranges from 1-5% of the total deposits made. This fee is negligible in some cases.

4. Mastercard

Mastercard does not need any introduction to a majority of online gamers. It is one of the payment methods you are bound to find in many top internet casinos. Many gamblers use this because it is secure, simple, and quick. Mastercard is available in many countries and boasts of a friendly customer support team in all the countries where it operates. The cash out times this payment method offers are quite impressive reason it is a top choice for gamers who love real money games.


  • Accepted widely. Mastercard brand is accepted not only in major online casinos but multiple internet stores as well.
  • The brand is also well-known for offering loads of perks to all its users, making it an attractive payment option. The kind of card you use as well as your location determines discounts and other benefits you will enjoy using Mastercard.
  • Permits huge deposits for persons who like to make big bets.
  • Mastercard keeps clients’ details confidential, and it also banks on rock-solid security features to keep fraud at bay.


  • Because it is not available worldwide, some customers from various countries may not be able to enjoy the benefits of using Mastercard.
  • Transactional fees are applicable depending on the type of card you are using.

5. Paysafecard

Paysafecard is a pre-paid banking solution that is mostly used in Europe and the UK. It is one of the banking options that prominently features in a huge percentage of online casinos. Sales outlets are available in different parts of the world, making it an excellent option because it is fast and easy to use in participating casinos. The card comes with a 16 digit pin code that you can use to conduct online purchases. For gambling purposes, you can use Paysafecard in two ways: pay an online casino directly, or use a voucher to fund e-wallets, like Neteller.


  • You can use foreign currency while making deposits at gambling sites.
  • Allows users to transfer cash to e-wallets.
  • Features online encryption security features to boost safety.
  • A mobile apps exists for more convenience.
  • The fact that it is prepaid makes it easier for users to control spending.


  • You must buy the Paysafecard before you start any transactions.
  • Depositing money can be quite time-consuming, especially when you are a member of different online casinos because it is not possible to combine PIN codes.

Closing Thoughts

While considering secure and convenient payment methods, you must also look at online casino promotions before you settle for a gaming site. This is bound to give you extra resources to fund gambling activities. It is also important to read through the terms of banking methods and each casino bonus you decide to use. So there are no surprises, especially when it comes to things like wagering limits, availability periods, and so forth. Some promotions also require players to get casino bonus codes before they can take advantage of the bonuses on offer.