The Patriots Selected a Quarterback

The New England Patriots are planning for the future. The Patriots set a record in this draft after making eight trades. Though frustrating, they now have a lot of picks in 2019. The Patriots took a quarterback Danny Etling from LSU in the seventh round. All of the Lamar Jackson talks were false and the Patriots were eyeing Etling all along. According to Albert Breer, Etling has already been working with Tom Brady’s throwing coaches in California. Danny Etling completed sixty percent of his passes at LSU and had 16 touchdowns and two interceptions.

Etling is excited to learn from the greatest quarterback of all time, saying yesterday, “It’s an opportunity to learn from the greatest quarterback. You don’t expect anything, absorb as much information as you can and continue to keep on improving and prepare for your opportunity when it comes. You just want to watch a guy who has been so great and know how he does it. … It’s such a great quarterback room. I’m so excited to be a part of it”.

Are the Patriots Doing Some Team Building for the Future?

Nick Caserio also spoke yesterday and hinted that they were eying a quarterback: “We knew we were going to add a quarterback to our team at some point, so it’s relative to what other options we might have, relative to other positions. There’s no template like, ‘Well we’re going to take one here, we’re going to take one there.’ You just evaluate the player and we think Danny has some decent traits and some decent qualities to work with, so we’ll put him in our program and see how he does”.

The Patriots are building a team for the future. They gave Brady offensive line help, and also added a running back, tight end, wide receiver. New England also added some defensive help, too. Also, they have lots of picks in next year’s draft. Josh McDaniels’s presence in the draft room is still pretty clear to me what’s still in play. After this season you could be looking at Josh being the next head coach of the Patriots.