The New England Revolution is a renowned football club centred in the Boston Metropolitan area in the USA. It takes part in the Major League Soccer (MLS), in the Eastern Conference of the league. Having competed since the 1996 Major League Soccer season, New England Revolution is among the oldest clubs in the USA.

New England Revolution is owned by Robert Kenneth Kraft. He is the founder, chairman, and CEO of The Kraft Group in Foxborough, Mass. Kraft also owns New England Patriots alongside his son, Jonathan A. Kraft. The term “Revolution” was adopted because of the New England region’s significant participation in the American Revolution.

Kraft’s long-established support of soccer began in the early 1900s. He bought Foxboro Stadium, which hosted the 1994 World Cup. The success of the 1994 World Cup set the scene for a new chapter of sports in New England. New England Revolution was founded on June 6, 1995. The Kraft family was the Founding Investor and Operator of the Revolution.

From 1996 to 2001, they played their home matches at the now-demolished Foxboro Stadium. Today, New England Revolution plays their home matches at the Gillette Stadium. The stadium is located 34km southwest of downtown Boston. 

The Jersey

A flag of a different design was flown proudly in the early colonies. Now the flag comprises New England long before the sewing of the American flag as we all know it. With such a profound interconnection to both club and country, the flag of New England now adorns the Revolution’s uniforms. The club badge is conventional and some of the stars are made into a soccer ball. The general design reflects the 1994 FIFA World Cup logo.

Customarily, the Revolution has always worn all-navy at home except in 1996 when they wore red shorts. Until 2014, the club wore white shorts for its home matches. In 2015, the club changed to a red away uniform with green and white accents in tribute to the flag of New England. 


Several of the United States Men’s National Team players that returned from abroad were members of the inaugural Revolution team. In the ten MLS, the team did not make it to the playoffs. This was a huge disappointment as renowned players like Alexi Lalas and Joe-Max Moore were present in the game. The group made the playoffs in the following year but did not proceed past the initial round. 


In 2002, Steve Nicol steered the Revs to a first-place finish in the Eastern Conference. However, the team lost to Galaxy at the MLS Cup final. In 2003, they lost in the conference finals and also in 2004. In 2005, the team finished first in the east but lost to LA. The 2007 match was a rematch from 2006 MLS cup.The match ended in a 2 – 1 score in favour of Houston. Their defeat against FC Dallas in their next match secured their first ever trophy, the 2007 U.S. Open Cup.


During the 2008 season, the team contested in the SuperLiga, MLS, Champions League, and Open Cup. At mid-July they had set the pace on the MLS table and finished in position one. The team lost to J. P FC and at the 2008 Open Cup to DC United. This was a disappointment as everyone expected them to perform just as great as they did previously.
In 2009, the Revs conceded to Chicago and in 2010, lost to Monarcas Morelia. Steve Nicol was no longer their manager after leading the team for 10 years. In 2010 and 2011, the Revs did not make the playoffs. 


They hired Jay Heaps as the new head coach. However, the year did not begin as expected. The team performed dismally in the 2012 season. From 2009 the team hadn’t made it to the playoffs until 2013. The 2014 season was also successful as the team made it to the playoffs. The Revolution signed the U.S. national team member Jermaine Jones in late August on a designated player contract. This seemed to be the right move as the contract came with an unforeseen victory. However, this was short lived as the team conceded to the LA Galaxy in the finals.

The New England Revolution has had its fair share of victories and losses. Generally, the team has improved over the years. The team has had a lot of coach replacements. The current standing of the team is better than it’s ever been. However, with the fluctuating performances, it’s hard to tell how long this will last. Betting fanatics can take advantage of this golden period, when visiting one of the many betting sites on the web. Because of the big selection, it can be hard to pick the right site for betting. Furthermore it can be quite challenging to predict the outcome of a soccermatch. Knowing and analysing the odds for betting is a major requirement for success. For beginners in bettingbusiness this can be quite a hard thing to do. Therefore holds a guide on how to understand odds in a soccermatch. Also you will find the best bookmakers for soccerbetting on the web listed and rated on this site.


The New England Revolution is a team with a lot of competitive spirit and various fanbases like the „Midnight Riders“ and „Rev Army“. Therefore future success is almost guaranteed. With this in mind, all the best of luck to the team in future.