Julian Edelman Is a Massive asset for the Patriots

Julian Edelman’s impact on the Patriots is massive. The three-time Super Bowl Champion, and most recently Super Bowl MVP, has come up in big spots in big games. He’s also earned the trust of quarterback Tom Brady. Edelman brings that power and drive to the offense on the receiving side, and the chemistry between him and Brady is so good it’s the best in the league. He has a career 30 touchdowns and 5390 yards. His memorable catches are many, especially during the Super Bowl win against the Falcons.

Edelman comes up in big spots

When the offense was struggling last season it was Edelman who stepped up big and delivered, just as online gambling sites anticipated. He and Brady always stay on the same page and workout together consistently. Without Edelman Brady would have few reliable targets to throw too. If defenders double cover Edelman it makes way for other receivers to step up and get open. Edelman can do anything from running, catching, and even throwing. When Amendola was on the team, those two had great chemistry and made defenses work harder.

Via Boston Herald

First-round pick N’Keal Harry is already working with Edelman and Brady. Edelman can teach the new guys techniques and advantages they can use during the games. Harry is learning from the best. From the coach all the way to the players. As Edelman singed his contract extension last week, it’s clear he’s here because Brady is here and they both want to win more championships. Without Edelman, it would be much harder for Brady to find guys open and get the offense going. Edelman finished the Super Bowl with 10 catches for 140 yards. It was very low scoring, but he was always in the right place at the right time.

The Super Bowl catch against the Atlanta Falcons will go down as the greatest Super Bowl catch of all time. It is even better than the David Tyree catch in Super Bowl XLII. The Tyree catch is probably second, but in general, having number 11 on the Patriots is so huge. Brady is going to be 42 in August and needs a reliable receiver out there catching passes and making big plays. Julian Edelman sure is that.