The National Media Does Have Bias Against The Patriots

During the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, a green laser was pointing toward Tom Brady in the fourth quarter. The only media attention is that the NFL is investigating. Colin Cowherd from Fox Sports One put it the best. If that happened to Patrick Mahomes in Foxborough it would lead every major news station. Spygate and deflategate lasted years because the Patriots are disliked nationally, because they always win. If that happened to a less popular quarterback it would be a nonstory. People want the Patriots to lose, and if there’s a chance the Patriots have controversy it’s the top story on ESPN.

Imagine A Laser Was Pointing at Patrick Mahomes in Foxborough

The media’s bias towards the Patriots gives them fuel to go out and keep winning. They don’t care that Max Kellerman said Brady is falling off a cliff. Or Trent Dilfer said Brady isn’t good anymore. They take what people say and shut them up on the field. Also, the media also makes excuses saying the Patriots were lucky to beat the Chiefs. It isn’t luck the Patriots make the right plays to win, and Kansas City went offsides on a Brady interception. Kellerman saying its luck the Patriots won that game needs to have a reality check. Rob Parker from Fox Sports One called Brady the LOAT, Luckiest Of All Time. It’s not luck, it’s knowing how to be clutch in big games.

What Controversy?

If Kansas City won the game Sunday nobody would be saying they were lucky. If Kansas City was playing with deflated footballs it would be a non story. Also, if another quarterback or team is caught with a controversy it’s a non story. The Seahawks have been fined $400,00, and lost a fifth round draft pick in 2017. They violated team practice rules in the off-season. That barley got any coverage, maybe just a mention. Also, the NFL shut down any debate of the Steelers using deflated footballs during the preseason. All of this proves the deflategate nonsense from 2014 was because it was the Patriots.

The bias with the media will always be there, because it’s the Patriots.