The Revolutions season is now past the halfway mark and they still remain in a playoff position. However, the toughest part of their schedule has yet to come. According to Benjamin Baer of, New England have the hardest schedule in the league for the second have of the season. Eight of their next 13 games will be on the road. While the Revs have only lost four road games this season, they have also only won one. With only five more home games in the regular season, where on the road will they be getting their points?

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Revs Three Point Opportunities

Orlando City: Orlando has been having a tough season. After jumping out to a great offseason, they were expected to go far this year. However, it has been quite the opposite so far. They have only managed to get 22 points through their first 19 games. Not to mention they are tied for 2nd for most home losses in the league this season with four.


D.C. United: D.C. may have a new stadium and may have signed Wayne Rooney, but they’re still D.C. United. Just like how the 49ers signed Garoppolo, they are still the 49ers. For the most part, this team is still weaker than New England. Along with the fact that Revs fans usually travel well to D.C., the team will most likely have the advantage going into D.C.

Toronto FC: Toronto FC is the joke of the league at the moment. They have gone from MLS Cup champions to the bottom of the table. The Revs were able to beat TFC at Gillette, even with Mark Geiger as the ref. So a win in Toronto is definitely possible.

Philadelphia Union: The Revs team is a completely different team that went down to Philly in March. This team now has an identity and a system. The Revs are ranked higher in the standings as well. A major boost the team is getting; as opposed to 72 traveling fans, they will be backed up by about 1,000 fans from around New England.

Revs One Point Opportunities

Real Salt Lake: This game will be a tough one for the Revs. As we speak, RSL has only lost one home game this season. Along with this, they have more points than the Revs, but only by two. Overall, these teams are very even and will definitely be a tough match.

LAFC: LAFC will be another difficult bout for New England, even more difficult than RSL. LAFC has yet to lose a game at home this season. So how can the Revs get a point? It’s the fact that LAFC has five home wins, yet four draws. LAFC is definitely a better team than the Revs, but those four draws are glaring.

Zero Point Outcomes

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Atlanta United: Do I need to explain? The Revs lost 7-0 to Atlanta last year, and Atlanta is currently atop the East and Supporter shield. Not to mention the Revs couldn’t even beat Atlanta at home and could only muster a draw.

NYCFC: NYCFC are right behind Atlanta in the shield and are having a great season. At home, NYC is undefeated and have only had one draw which came at the hands of Atlanta. The Revs chances in New York don’t look good. But after all, this is MLS. And as we all know, anything can happen.


The Revs will look to end their three game losing streak when they play Orlando on August 4th. With the new signing of Cristhian Machado and possibly more to come, the Revs look will look to get back to their winning ways.